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A thief in stolen car crashes through a police checkpost at top speed of 90 kmph. A motorcycle cop, reacting after 2 sec, accelerates from rest at 5m/s2.His top spd is 108 kmph.

Find max. separation between theif and police?

a)112.5m b)115m c)116.5m d)None above

Also plz. explain me how to solve these kind of problems when we have to find separation, top speed etc.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear chilukuri

speed of the car = 90 kmph = 25 m/sec

let after t sec of police stated distance between  them are maximum

max speed of police =108 km/h = 30 m/sec

time taken by police to atttain a speed of 25 m/sec=25/5 =5 sec

distance between them will increse  till police man attain a speed og more than 25 m/sec

 distance travell be thief = 25*(5+2) =175 m

distance travell by police =1/2 *5* 5=62.5 m

so distance between them S=175 -62.5 =112.5


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6 years ago

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