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				   I just wanted to know how frequently the edition of the Physics Book by I E Iredov is released and what is the latest edition prsently as I am interested in purchasing this book.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


It doesnt' matter much which edition u buy. U will get a good second hand one if u want.There is not much difference in the editions.

6 years ago

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Four particles A,B,C and D of equal mass move with equal speed v along the diagonals of a square in a horizontal plane. After the collision, A comes to rest while B and C retrace their...
Conserve the momentum in x-direction and y-direction for each masses respectively. And U would get the relation. In x direcn. the Vd = 2v i cap. find similarly in y-direcn.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Can you please solve the question fully and post the answer? ….........................................................................................
Divya one month ago
Pls solve q 18.....................................................
The result of vectors make an angle of 90 withthe OA vector tan90 is not defined. and direction of resultant vector isgiven by tanx=BSn theta/A+BCos theta Hence A+BCos theta=0 4+6Cos...
Mudit 2 months ago
2kg of gas at a pressure of 1.5 bar.occupies a volume of 2.5m cube.if this gas compresses isothermally to 1/3 times the initial volume.find temperature,work done,heat transfer.
As the pocess is isothermal chanege in Internal energy would be zero and hence temperature remains costant that is T. From ideal gas eqn. PV =nRT 1.5 * 2.5*1000 = 2000/32 * 0.0821 * T we...
2017 years ago
A particle starts from rest and moves on a curve with constant angular acceleration of 3.0 rad/s square units .An observer starts his stopwatch at a certain instant and record that the...
Whats problem in this ..This is more simpler than previous one. The Angular displacent in ‘n’th second is given by: (X) n = u + (a/2)(2n-1) Where, u = the angular velocity when the...
Kuldeep Pal one month ago
I don’t think that’?s right.I’l?l try making the question more clear.The 4 th ?second is 4 seconds after the stopwatch was started and the total displacement was 120 rad...
Leaf one month ago
Let The total displacement be when stpwatch starts be “X” so, the total displacent = X=0.t + (1/2).3.4.4 X=12rad. So. The Angular displacement when the stopwatch starts= X= (1/2).3.T 2...
Kuldeep Pal one month ago
what is the difference between velocity and angular velocity give me formulas ?
Linear Velocity Linear velocity is defined as the rate of change of displacement between an object and a fixed point. Angular Velocity Angular velocity is an event discussed in the angular...
Nishant Vora 6 months ago
velocity is the rate of change of displacement i.e. v=ds/dt as angular velocity is rate to change of angular displacement omega= d theta/dt
rishabh 6 months ago
velocity is rate if change of displacement.angular velocity is rate of change of angular displacement.thank you.
NARAYANA 6 months ago
How should i prepare for the chapter Electrostatics Potential and Capacitance? Remembering all the things is becoming difficult for me. Please help me.
@ shreyas frst of all i would like to tell , this chapter is full of derivation , and u need only practice at least 3 times to a single derivation . and remember 1 more thing – cbse have...
Umakant biswal one month ago
I will recommend you to Study HC Verma for building concept and Solve more and more numericals for Arihant books and other good books.
Sagar Gupta one month ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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