A fighter plane is pulling out for a dive at 900 km/hr in a vertical circle of radius 2 km. Its mass is 5000 kg. ind the force exerted by the air on it at the lowest point.....and PLS EXPLAIN HOW???

2 years ago


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what is optimum velocity
Dear student, Please elaborate on the question. Optimum velocity is the velocity with which the body should be moving so that it can attain all the processes. For example there is optimum...
Sumit Majumdar 2 months ago
what is the meaning of deformation in ellastic collision
jatinjha 2 months ago
A shot is fired at a distance of 39.2m from the foot of a pole 19 m high so that is just passes over it. Find the magnitude and direction of the velocity of the shot.
the magnitude of velocity is 28m/s and direction is 45 degree from horizontal. THANK U
Abhishek Pachauri 3 months ago
A 3.6 m long vertical pipe resonates with a source of frequency 212.5 Hz when water level is at certain height in the pipe. Find the height of water level (from the bottom of the pipe) at...
Hello Student, Please find the answer to your question Speed of sound, v = 340 m/s Let ℓ 0 be the length of air column corresponding to the fundamental frequency. Then v/4 ℓ 0 = 212.5 or ℓ 0...
Aditi Chauhan 5 months ago
A metallic rod of length lm is rigidly clamped at its mid point. Longitudinal stationary waves are set up in the rod in such a way that there are two nodes on either side of the mid – point....
Hello Student, Please find the answer to your question The placements of the nodes and antinodes on the rod are shown in the figure ∴ ℷ + ℷ/4 = 0.5 ⇒ ℷ = 0.4m Also, the velocity...
Aditi Chauhan 5 months ago
x and y are 2 unequally positive charged particles separated initially at very far distance.then particle x is provided a velocity u towards y with y at rest. both charges are free to move....
Regards, Nirmal SIngh Askiitians Faculty
Nirmal Singh. 7 months ago
When the charge is given a velocity u, it would undergo decelleration due to which the KE of the system would decrease and PE og system would increse. Next, after some time, at a certain...
Shivam 7 months ago
finally both comes in equillibrium
yogesh chalisa 7 months ago
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