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A fighter plane is pulling out for a dive at 900 km/hr in a vertical circle of radius 2 km. Its mass is 5000 kg. ind the force exerted by the air on it at the lowest point.....and PLS EXPLAIN HOW???

3 years ago


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when all the ice of equator melts and flows to poles the duration of day a nd night will increase how ? also if very tall buildings are build on earth its duration of day &night increse how?
will be unchanged in case of first one...... case moment of inertia increases angular speed decreases......duration of day and night will increases though negligably
Souvik Das 21 days ago
a particle moves along X-axis from X=a to X=b under the in fluence of a force given by F=2x then work done in the progress is
Hello.This problem can be solved only and only by method of Integration.If you have not learnt integration,you have to learn it first. The initial and final positions as given in question...
Amogh Gajare 11 days ago
is angular displacement vector or scalar
i have mentioned the answer in those terms only where
Nikhil Upadhyay 3 months ago
infinitesimal angular displacemnt=small angle finite angular dislacement =big angle now you can corelate that when small angle is made the angular displacement is vector as it can be add (...
Nikhil Upadhyay 3 months ago
In case of finite angular displacement it is not a true vector as it does not follow vector addition .Whereas infinitesimal angular displacement can be added due to small angular changes.
Nikhil Upadhyay 3 months ago
A man of mass 60 kg record his weight on weighing machine placed inside lift The ratio of down with uniform speed of 4m/s will be weights of man recorded when lift is ascending up with...
i think it’s option b because the lift is not undergoing accelaration so there is no pseudo force or accelaration therefore weight in both cases is the same.
Neeti 4 months ago
I’m sorry i don’t know why the answer didn’t get posted. let me be more clear, The lift which is the frame of reference is not undergoing any accelaration therefore there is no pseudo force ...
Neeti 4 months ago
A man of mass 60 kg record his wt. on a weigheing machine placed inside a lift. The ratio of weights of man recorded when lift is ascending up with uniform speed of 2m/s to when it is...
Ananya Sharma 4 months ago
what is field?
But in general , Field in basically a region in which a particluar influence acts, Could be electric, magnetic, gravitational. A particular object produces it’s field and when other objects ...
Neeti 4 months ago
Could you be a little more specific? Which field are you referring to? Electric? magnetic?
Neeti 4 months ago
what is the scope of GATE exam?
Gowher Maqbool 3 months ago
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