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A fighter plane is pulling out for a dive at 900 km/hr in a vertical circle of radius 2 km. Its mass is 5000 kg. ind the force exerted by the air on it at the lowest point.....and PLS EXPLAIN HOW???

3 years ago


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What to do after finding the magnitude of p? Q.24
Sorry i typed the entire answer i don’t know why it didn’t get posted. We know that F t = p where F t = impulse. Px and Py are given, now you know the relation between P and F, So on...
Neeti one month ago
see, we know that F.dt = dp where F.dt = impulse.
Neeti one month ago
Yes correct. How to solve?
Riddhi Roy one month ago
Why is there a rolling motion
Rolling motion occurs when there is rotational and translational motion. rotational motion occurs when a force provides torque for rotation to the body which is also moving in the...
Neeti one month ago
question no. 22
can you provide a clearer image. pls zoom the question which u want to ask.
Archita one month ago
what is the mass of photon ? According to de broglie equation it is almost zero ….... but according to relativity, the mass of a particle moving at the speed of light is infinity(consider...
Mass, according to theory of relativity , depends upon the speed with which it is moving with respect to a particular frame of reference.Theory of relativity is given in accordaqnce with...
Aziz Alam one year ago
Dear student, The photon is massless. It has energy but no mass. The de Broglie equation for a relativisitic particleis given by: The rest mass is zero for the photon as the velocity of the...
Sumit Majumdar one year ago
Mass of thoton depends upon the frame of refernce from which you are observing the photon. If your frame of reference is at rest with respect to the photon, then mass is zero.
shubham sharda 3 months ago
how to solve wheatstone bridge
Wheatstone bridge consists of 5 arms. After removing 5 th arm there are 4 arms in which two two arms serious combinations. These two two arms serious combinations are parallel to each...
Adarsh 2 months ago
its very simple , just read the ncert part once and see the solved examples , ull get it
Prajwal Kavad 2 months ago
what is heat
heat is form of enery that tranfer hot temparature to cold temparature
GANESH BABU 3 days ago
Dear Ganesh, Please do not paste the same answer again and again. Also, paste complete answer in one attempt so that questioner does not get mails on your each and every answer. This...
Forum Team 2 days ago
In physics, heat is energy in transfer other than as work or by transfer of matter. When there is a suitable physical pathway, heat flows from a hotter body to a colder one. The transfer...
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