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A fighter plane is pulling out for a dive at 900 km/hr in a vertical circle of radius 2 km. Its mass is 5000 kg. ind the force exerted by the air on it at the lowest point.....and PLS EXPLAIN HOW???

3 years ago


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a heavy uniform straight rod is suspended from apont by two strings of the same length as the rod attached to its ends.if one string is cut prove that the initial angular acceleration of the...
Dear student, Find out the tension in the string and draw the FBD of the rod and the string just after the string is cut. Find out the unbalanced forces and find the accelerations, Good luck...
Shobhit Varshney 8 months ago
sir i tried to do it as mentioned by you before posting this question on this forum but still could not succeed by equation mg-t=ma and mgl/2=ml2/3alpha and a=l/2alpha with this t=mg/4 and...
arun gupta 8 months ago
Does the work energy theorem always and absolutely deals with change in kinetic energy or in some cases with change in mechanical energy? There is a sum of gravitation A person brings a mass...
Yes, your logic works well! Work done on an object will contribute to its energy, which here is sum of the potential and kinetic energy. As we reach point A, its kinetic energy is 2 J,...
Parth Kohli 3 months ago
Thank you so much for the clarification
Chandra Chatterjee 3 months ago
How could a person who is at rest on completely frictionless ice covering a pond reach shore? Could she do this by walking, rolling, swinging her arms, or kicking her feet? How could a...
On the frictionless surface, there is no external force acting on the person. Therefore even a gentle push will make her move from the pond towards the shore. Since the surface is...
Deepak Patra one month ago
rainbow is seen due to
Rainbows are seen/appear when there is water in the atmosphere and light is reflected in the water .thus water molecules reflect the sunlight. Hope this helps you.................
Saloni gordhan Rakholiya 9 months ago
How is time averaged cos 2 ( Φ/2 ) is ½ ? i.e., how is cos 2 ( Φ/2 ) > is ½ where angular brackets represent time averaging?
If averaged over the complete period, it would also give zero as the time averages cos 2 (Φ/2). But if solved for half the period, or using the even function property of the function,...
Ravi 6 months ago
tesla is unit of ??
Hello, The tesla (symbol T) is the SI derived unit of magnetic field strength or magnetic flux density, commonly denoted as B. Thanks & Regards Sumit Majumdar, askIITians Faculty Ph.D,...
Sumit Majumdar one year ago
magnetic field
Ambuj Bansal one year ago
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