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A fighter plane is pulling out for a dive at 900 km/hr in a vertical circle of radius 2 km. Its mass is 5000 kg. ind the force exerted by the air on it at the lowest point.....and PLS EXPLAIN HOW???

3 years ago


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A man throws a ball to maximum horizontal distance of 80 m. Calculate the maximum height reached.
We know that R = u 2 * Sin 2θ / g. As, the range is maximum, so, θ = 45 0 So, 80 = u 2 /g. Now, H = height reached by ball = u 2 Sin 2 θ / 2g. Putting value of θ = 45 0 , u 2 / g = 80, we...
Shivam Chopra one month ago
rahul one month ago
A ball of mass m=50g strikes with velociy v=4m/s with a lift floor which is moving with velocity v=2m/s. If e=1/2 the speed of the ball just after collision? Ans=5
In the given question, the direction of motion of the lift has not been mentioned. We shall consider a frame of axis such that the velocity in the upward direction is taken as positive...
Ajaykrishnan Jayagopal 4 months ago
coefficient of restitution = ½ = (velocity of seperation) / (velocity of approach) = (v – 2) / 6 v be the speed of the after collission this gives v = 5
Kaustubh Nayyar 4 months ago
if the pulley is not massless, why is the tension in the string the same throughout??
if the two tentions are same then there will not be a net torque to rotate the pulley.then the whole system will not move.thats why the tention in both side of a pulley are different.
Tony Abraham 12 days ago
sorry i messed up. the ques is y not the same throughout??
Ankit kr Giri 12 days ago
How is magnetism induced in current carrying conductor by spin of electrons?
due to the attraction force between the electrons it pull over the carrier towards it
T C YASHWANTH 10 months ago
Ultraviolet light of wavelengths 800 Å when allowed to fall on hydrogen atoms in their ground state is found to liberate electrons with kinetic energy 1.8 eV and 4.0 eV respectively. Find...
hc / λ 1 – hc / λ 0 = K.E. 1 ….(i) And hc / λ 2 – hc / λ 0 = K.E. 2 ….(ii) ⇒ hc / λ 1 - hc / λ 2 = K.E. 1 – K.E...
Kevin Nash 8 months ago
C-12 m=12.0000
Dear Student, 1. Your question is not clear and seems to be incomplete. Please recheck your question and post it again. . 2. I am not able to interpret your query. Please write down the...
Pankaj 5 months ago
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