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sir....please tell me how to solve problems to find coefficent of restitution ...when a body collides with a group of bodies(eg.  blocks placed) ...

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


First and foremost determine the direction in which collision is taking place. Along that direction apply the restituion concept and conservation of momentum. Remember that perpendicular to that direction there is no impulse and hence no change in velocity. In case of two spheres colliding obliquely with one of them at rest remember that the one at rest will move only along the direction of collision. I would strongly recommend against the use of any formula as there are too many subcases involved.

3 years ago

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if R and Hare the horizontal range and maximum hieght attained by a projectile, then its speed for projection is?
Dear student, The Range and vertical height would be given by the relation: Hence, Using this, we can find the speed of projection. Regards
Sumit Majumdar 5 months ago
sir but the answer given in the key is under root 2gH +R 2 g/8H sir please explain in detail?
shrilekha sharma 5 months ago
Q. A STONE IS THROWN UPWARDS WITH AN INITIAL VELOCITY v 0 . THE DISTANCE TRAVELLED IN TIME 4v 0 /3g IS- 2v 0 2 /g v 0 2 /2g 4v 0 2 /3g 5v o 2 /9g
Dear Bharat The question asks of distance and you must be careful about it as the body changes its direction after maximum height(time=v/g) Thus the body moves up till time = u/g & then down...
shashi K Sharma 6 months ago
graph of friction force to applied force is continuous or discontinous when value of frictional force switches from limiting frictional force to kinetic frictional force?
it is continuous but decreases
bhavik one month ago
it is continuous but decreases
bhavik one month ago
It is continuous
Abhishek Singh 2 months ago
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he is great person of rgukt in kadapa
viva one year ago
naidu babu
sdafsd one year ago
viva one year ago
Question is attached in the pic.. {All P-4 Ch-16 pg-35 Q8}
4 pi 35 / 5 is your answer. The sign between each term is multiplication. Google for the definitions of the terms.
Manas Bondale 2 months ago
please see the image.
Its very easy. Its just about the combination of capacitors. Basically, you gotta remember that when two capacitors C1 and C2 are connected in parallel and series, then Cp = C1+C2 and Cs =...
Yash Jain 27 days ago
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