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sir....please tell me how to solve problems to find coefficent of restitution ...when a body collides with a group of bodies(eg.  blocks placed) ...

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


First and foremost determine the direction in which collision is taking place. Along that direction apply the restituion concept and conservation of momentum. Remember that perpendicular to that direction there is no impulse and hence no change in velocity. In case of two spheres colliding obliquely with one of them at rest remember that the one at rest will move only along the direction of collision. I would strongly recommend against the use of any formula as there are too many subcases involved.

3 years ago

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how can we produce pseudo gravity other than by centrifugal force or rotating frame
we can produce pseudo gravity also by sitting in a lift or any accelarator ….. as net g will change
saurabh 26 days ago
1997 friction problem and solution
Will you pls upload the question...
Saurabh Kumar 2 months ago
please upload the question so that we can help you.....!!
Vaibhav Gupta 2 months ago
If work done is a scalar,how can it be negative???
This postulate does not mean that energy from a body does not lose. Energy is lost in surroundings but may change into another form. Total energy of Universe remain constant. Further...
Carmel Emmanuel one month ago
Though work is a scalar quantity but the sign is used to tell significance of energy gained or lost by a system. if work done is positive system gains energy if work done negative the...
Carmel Emmanuel one month ago
How can you say that energy is gained or lost? It is a basic postulate that enegy can neither be gained nor lost...
Gopikrishnan one month ago
if the total energy of the first excited state of hydrogen atom is taken to be zero then the potential energy of the ground state of the hydrogen atom will be?( Ionisation energy of ground...
Please look into the solution.
Aziz Alam 7 months ago
i don’t get the point sir. and also this is not the answer of the question.
Kunal Goel 7 months ago
In eclectric dipol distance between two charges is very small, so according to cullamb’s low The force must be “INFINITE” so why eclectric dipol exist?
Ashish Gupta one year ago
electric dipole still exists bcoz fr a dipole 2 b present the charges necessarily need 2 b of opp. nature,nd since charges r of opp. nature than dipole will exist evn though in a vry small...
madhu singh 4 months ago
find equivalent resistance
sorry typing mistake... find the eq. resistance betweem a and c
TANISHA 5 months ago
Can you mention Equivalent resistance between what points?
Karthik 5 months ago
between a and b
TANISHA 5 months ago
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