sir....please tell me how to solve problems to find coefficent of restitution ...when a body collides with a group of bodies(eg.  blocks placed) ...

2 years ago


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First and foremost determine the direction in which collision is taking place. Along that direction apply the restituion concept and conservation of momentum. Remember that perpendicular to that direction there is no impulse and hence no change in velocity. In case of two spheres colliding obliquely with one of them at rest remember that the one at rest will move only along the direction of collision. I would strongly recommend against the use of any formula as there are too many subcases involved.

2 years ago

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A 50-g golf ball is struck with a club. The ball is deformed by about 2.0cm during the time of collision and the ball leaves the club-face with a velocity of 44 m/s. How long is the...
Dear student, Average force can be calculated using Fomula, F avg = m V Given, m = .05 kg, V = 44 m/s...
Shobhit Varshney one month ago
Two trains , each having a speed of 30km/h, are headed at each other on the same straight track . A bird that can fly 60 km/h flies off the front of one train when they are 60 km apart and...
relative velocity of train wrt the other train is 30-(-30)=60km/h relative distance is 60 km therefore time taken for collision is 60km/60km/h= 1hr total distance the bird will cover in 1hr...
PRAJVAL98 2 months ago
pl post the method .
Pushkala Krishnan 2 months ago
60km infinity
aakash 2 months ago
sir i have a doubt on center of mass we know that if a boat is in still water and a man on boat is moving forward boat moves back so that position of center of mass of system remains the...
Hello Student, Thanks for your post. If we take an observer inside this (man+boat) system, the centre of mass will not remain same in this situation. Consider the following figure,...
Shobhit Varshney one month ago
does the temperature of a body depend on the frame from which it is observed?
no temperature is invariant of frame of referance Thanks & Regards Mukesh Sharma askIITians Faculty
Mukesh Sharma 7 months ago
No because temperature is a absolute quantity
raj kumar 6 months ago
Find the speed of the electron in the ground state of a hydrogen atom. The description of ground state is given in the previous problem.
Sol. Fe from previous problem No. 18 = 8.2 × 10^–8 N Ve = ? Now, M base e = 9.12 × 10^–31 kg r = 0.53 × 10^–10 m Now, Fe = M base ev^2/r ⇒ v^2 = Fe * r/m base e = 8.2 * 10^-8 * 0.53 *...
Deepak Patra 4 months ago
Sol Fe from previous problem No. 18 = 8.2 × 10^–8 N Ve = ? Now, M base e = 9.12 × 10^–31 kg r = 0.53 × 10^–10 m Now, Fe = M base ev^2/r ⇒ v^2 = Fe * r/m base e = 8.2 * 10^-8 * 0.53 *...
Kevin Nash 4 months ago
# 7 A disk of diameter 15 cm is spinning at 3000 RPM. What is the acceleration of a point on the outside edge of the disk?
Hi Thanks & Regards, Arun Kumar, Btech,IIT Delhi, Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 4 months ago
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