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please explain what is uniform circular motion with examples?

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


Uniform Circular Motion

Uniform motion can be described as an object with constant mass that travels in a perfectly circular path with uniform, i.e. constant magnitude, velocity. To be circular, the path must have a constant distance or radius from the center of the circle, and the description of the direction of the velocity is particularly simple: its magnitude is constant and its direction is always tangential to the circular path at every position of the object.


At any instant coordinates of the material in motion can be found using

x - x0 = rcosθ

y - y0 = rsinθ

Where (x0 , y0) are the initial coordinates of the particle at t=0.

Velocity: The speed of travel around the orbit is v = r dθ /dt = ω r, where the angular rate of rotation is ω.

Acceleration: For a angle dθ = ω dt the change in v is a vector at right angles to v and of magnitude v dθ, which in turn means that the magnitude of the acceleration is given by a = v dθ / dt = vω = v2 / r

For any object to travel in a uniform circular path, it must be subjected to a force which

1.    Is always directed centripetally, i.e. in towards the center of the circular path.

2.    Has a constant magnitude equal to mv2/r.

Centripetal Force: The centripetal force is the external force required to make a body follow a curved path. Hence centripetal force is a kinematic force requirement, not a particular kind of force like gravity or electromagnetism. Any force or combination of forces can act to provide a centripetal force.

7 years ago

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why& when do we use vector form?? what is meant by retardition??
@ RAM if the velocity of the object decrease in the same direction , the object has a retradation . it also called as negative acceleration and retradation . or u can simply tell it is -ve...
Umakant biswal one month ago
We use vector forms when cases are direction dependent.Means direction is important while considering the quantities. e.g ; velocity,acceleration etc. Retardation,again,means acceleration...
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nikita chaubey one month ago
Can I ask you why the coefficient of friction is tan theta((n*n-1)/n*n)? Thanks for the answer :) !!!
Grace Mathew one month ago
please solve this graph based question and what is indicator diagram mean ?
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2017 years ago
in plane ring what is forefinger shows ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
The fore finger shows the direction of current and thumb shows the magnetic field direction because of its have ununiform magnetic field.
Gavvala Ganesh 8 months ago
The fore finger shows the direction of current and thumb shows the magnetic field direction because of its have ununiform magnetic field. All the best for you bright future
Prabhakar ch 8 months ago
what is coundcters
Basically there are 2 types of conductors (1) good conductors and (2)bad conductors.(1) Good conductors are those which allow heat or electricity to pass through steel,copper...
Drovan Reddy one year ago
Conductors are substances which allows current to flow. Examples : Copper, silver Silver is the best conductorof electricity. Most metals are conductors except lead and most of the non...
A M S ARUN KRISHNA one year ago
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KARTHIK one year ago
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@ shreyas ANGULAR DISPERSION – a measure of the angular separation of light rays of different wavelength or color traversing a prism or diffraction grating, equal to the rate of change of...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
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