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				   I M getting a lot of problem in kinamatics; projectile please tell how to solve it

7 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Sahil,

Please post your question on disucssion forum and we will provide you the answer for the questions within 24 hrs. This is completely free of cost!



7 years ago

i m getting lots of difficulty in projectile numericals

7 years ago

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a body is projected vertically up with a velocity 60m/s, the % of its initial ke converted into pe after 3 seconds?
at 3 seconds , h = 60*3 – 0.5g*9 = > 135 meter. P.E. = mgh = >1350m K.E = 0.5m*3600 = > 1800m % = 1350m/1800m * 100 => 75%
Vikas TU 18 hours ago
Refer to the figure. All the surfaces are frictionless. The strings are massless and inextensible. The ratio of tensions T1 and T2 is: a)1 : 5 , b) 5 : 1, c) 1 : 1, d) 6 : 1 (answer), e)1 : ...
Let the acceleration of the system be a. Considering the 2kg and 10kg masses and writing the equation of motion for them, we have: For 10kg mass: (1) For 2kg mass: (2) Substituting eqn(2)...
Raman Mishra one month ago
The applied force is not mentioned...we cant solve without it...there is a short cut method for this type of problems....I cant use it unless u give the numerical value of the force which is...
Soham Chowdhury one month ago
But the force was not given with the question. There was no numerical value, just ‘F’. I’d be happy if you gave me the shortcut, though.
Grace Mathew one month ago
A uniform disc of radius R is taken and out of it a disc of diameter R/2 is cut off from end. The center of mass of remaining part will be?
Let M be the mass of the full disc , M’ be the mass of the partial disc and m be the mass of the smaller removed disc. If p is the density of the disc materials Then Now Lets assume the...
Manas Shukla 3 days ago
can you please give a full worked out solution for the question attached ?
In the square configuration, area covered = l 2 => Initial flux = B.A = -Bl 2 (considering area vector out of the page to be +ve) For the area of the rhombus configuration, we have: angle...
Raman Mishra one month ago
@ tejaswini apply the formula e = i/ r and e = blv sin theta in which b is the magnetic field , v is the volume and l is the length of the structure … and for direction u can use lenzes law ...
Umakant biswal one month ago
Describe construction and working of photoelectric cell.
Photvoltacic cell is the most basic unit of the whole system which is used to produce electricty from light enrgy. this is generally made of silicon aoms which has valency of 4 elctrons...
Vikas TU 3 months ago
what is work..............................................................?
Work is done when a force that is applied to an object moves that object. The work is calculated by multiplying the force by the amount of movement of an object (W = F * d). A force of 10...
Shreyas Patil one month ago
dear tushan, Work is said to be done by a force when a body undergoes displacement in the direction of force.
SAI SARDAR one month ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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