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				   two boats were going downstreamwithdifferent velocities.when one overtook the other a ring buoy had been dropped from one of the boats.sometime laterboth boats turned back simuntaneously and went at the same speed as before relative to water to the spot where ring buoy had been dropped.which of the boat reach first

7 years ago


Answers : (1)



They ll reach simultaneously, since They retrace their path with the same relative velocity and also , since the distance travelled by the slower boat is less than the distance travelled by fastr boat, so even if they have diff . vel , this accounts fr them being at the ring at the same time.

Let slow boat has rel vel v1 and faster has v2 . then resp distance are v1t and v2t in tike t. Hence the same time they ll take to come back at same vel to the same place.

7 years ago

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no this answer is not correct you have made a mistake yhe answer of this question is 98 plz check again then send the right answer...
Hansraj Gyanendra Singh Rajawat 3 months ago
v=u+at as v=u+at we can abe to find v as u=zeo and h=vsquare /2g from it we can find h v=36 and t in that particular projectile is 4 sec so h=1296/18 h=72
bharath 3 months ago
Pls solve q 18.....................................................
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Mudit 2 months ago
Above Qn) is from fluid mechanics.Plz help out to solve me....actually the concept behind this Q is unknown to me.....
We see that the water divides the candle into 2 equal halves. So total mass of candle = mass of water displaced So clearly density of candle is half of water. Since that is the case , water ...
Manas Shukla 3 days ago
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rishav one month ago
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rishav one month ago
Why body with less mass cover distance with less interval of time than object with greater mass. When thrown horizontally
From Newton's Second law, F = ma the object with greater masss would have less acceeration and the object with smaller masss would have high acclrn. This is the basic reason.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
an infinite line charge passes through a cube. what is the minimum and maximum flux throgh the cube?
As from Gauss's law flux is defined as Flux = E.ds = q(total)/e Flux = ql/e For maximum flux, l = aroot3 For minium flux l = a Hence maximum and minimum fluxes are defined respectively =>...
Vikas TU 11 days ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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