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A uniform rod of mass m is rotated about an axis passing through point O as shown in the uploaded image. Find angular momentum of the rod about rotational axis. 

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

5 years ago

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A dog of mass 5kg is resting on a flat boat of mass 20kg . Such that it is 10m from the shore .Boat is resting on frictionless water . The dog walks 4m through the boat towards the shore...
The centre of mass for the system wont change. So 0 = mass of dog x distance moved by dog + mass of boat x distance moved by boat So we find Distance moved by the boat = -1 Thus it will be...
Manas Shukla 3 days ago
Are angular velocity, angular displacement and angular accleration vector?? if yes then what is its direction?? If the answer is explained then it will be approved
Except angular displacement all are vectors. As the angular displacement failed to obey the rules and laws of vector addition.
Vikas TU one month ago
if angular velocity and accleration are ectors then what is their direction
Ankit Jaiswal one month ago
Angular velocity and angular acceleration are vectors . Direction is same as tangential velocity or acceleration , v tangential = r d(angular displacement) / d(time) which is a simple...
Manas Shukla one month ago
Please get my these two questions solved. If a graph of acceleration versus position is given, then how to find the equation of position with respect to time
U dont need to draw any graph for those two questions. We can see the maximum height of the object is at 3.5 secs. Now we can see from given graph that we need to find h = h1 – h2 h1 =...
Manas Shukla 6 days ago
For second question Displacement will be = Thus X = = 22.36 km Let me know if u need any further help.
Manas Shukla 6 days ago
can you please derive the equation for drift velocity
@ padma let the electron have charge e , mass m , and kept in electric field inside a conducter . THE FORCE experienced by the electron , F = eE acceleration due to force , = eE/m now...
Umakant biswal one month ago
Which colour gets relatively more dispersed? (Ray optics)
SAIMANIKANTA one year ago
Geometrical optics , or ray optics , describes light propagation in terms of rays . The ray in geometrical optics is an abstraction or instrument is useful in approximating the paths along...
KING 4 months ago
VIOLET is the colour gets relatively dispersed and it is a part in optics . Geometrical optics , or ray optics , describes light propagation in terms of rays . The ray in geometric optics...
SAI SANDY 10 months ago
If a particle is moving in a straight line with constant speed then its acceleration. a)must be zero b)may be variable c) may be uniform d)both b and c What is the answer and how to...
​First option suitable as speed is constant the ccln must be zero. As accln. = chnge in velocity. And hence here both initial and final velocoty are same as both are constants therfore the...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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