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two blocks of masses 6kg and 4kg are connected with spring balance. Two forces 20N and 10N are aplied on 6kg and 4kg blocks respectivly.The reading on the spring balace is. 


a) 14N

b) 20N




5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Let the tension in the string be T. The reading shown by the spring balance is equal to T

As greater force of 20N is acting in left therefore the resultant motion of the blocks will be in the left direction. Let the acc of the blocks be a

Applying Newton`s second law of motion on the whole system, we get two equations as follows

20-T=6a ......1

T-10=4a ....2

soving both the equations we get the value of a=1m/s^2

putting this value of a in any of the two equations we get T=14N

Theredore reading of spring balance is 14N

5 years ago

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waves are interact each other took collision occures
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Vikas TU yesterday
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