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a small block b is placed on a block a of mass 5kg and lenght 20cm.initially block b is near the right end of block a.

a constant horizontal force of 10newton is applied on block a

all the surfaces are assumed frictionless

find the time elapsed before the block b seperates from block a





plz help me

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


let the mass of block b is mb....

force on lower block is F=10N....

accleration of system is a...

    (mb+5)a = 10

         a= 10/(mb+5) m/s2

now a seudo force acts on the upper block in opposite direction and its magnitude is f=(mb)a...

 due to this force block moves in opposite direction with accleration a1....



when the block covers a distance of 20cm then it separates out...

   0.2 = a1t2/2

   t2  =  (0.4/a1)=[0.04(5+mb)]

   t=  0.2(5+mb)1/2

5 years ago

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dear umakant bro..u do not have basic understanding of english neither you know physics well. please do not mislead students if you do not know the answer.
RANJEET KUMAR one month ago
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