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A shell is fired from a canon with a velocity v(m/sec) at an angle x with the horizontal.At the highest point in its path, it explodes into 2 pieces of equal masses.One of the piece retraces into the cannon then the speed in m/sec of the other piece immediately after the explosion is;

(a)3v cos x

(b)2v cos x

(c)1.5v cos x

(d)1.5^2v cos x

7 years ago


Answers : (3)



ans: 3vcosx

At the top of its path, vel is vcos x only in horizontal direction , so after explosion to retrace its path , the velocity of one of the equal masses should be -vcos x . therefore now if v conserve the momentum, then 2mvcosx = -mvcosx + mv' . calculate v' .

7 years ago

hi vaibhav,

dis question is quite straight forward

as velocity at d highest point is v cosx

just apply momentum conservation

m(v cosx) = m/2 (-ucosx ) + m/2 v1,   [ as it is divided into parts of equal mass n one part retraces to d cannon itself so its velocity will be vcosx but wid a negative sign]

we hav to find v1

here simply u get v1= 3v cosx

7 years ago
										Let ‘2m’ be the mass of the cannon which is projected with velocity ‘v’ at an angle ‘?’ with the horizontal. The horizontal component of the velocity of the cannon is, vx = v cos?. This component remains constant.
At the maximum height, the cannon has only this component as the vertical component is momentarily zero.

So, momentum before exploding = 2mv cos?
After exploding, one of the masses retraces the path of the cannon backwards. This is possible on if the part has velocity ‘-v cos?’.
Therefore, momentum after explosion = -mv cos? + mu
So, by conservation of momentum,
2mv cos? = -mv cos? + mu
= > u = (3v cos?) m/s
2 years ago

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