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				   if a body is droped from 100m it takes        t seconds to reach the ground.then find its height at time=t\2 seconds......

5 years ago


Answers : (3)


Dear Aditya

take downward direction as positive

Y=uyt + at2/2

put Y=100m, a=g=10 m/s2, uy=0


t=2√5 sec

now t/2=√5 sec

distance covered after t/2 sec

again apply the formula

Y=uyt + at2/2

and put t=√5 sec



height from ground= 100-25=75m


All the best.




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5 years ago

by 2 kinematical equation
s=ut+1/2 at(squared)



to find height
when t=t/2




the body reaches the height of 25m at t/2 seconds

5 years ago

body takes t sec to reach the groung..

initial velocity is zero..

s=ut +at2 /2

-100=-gt2 /2

 t=2sqrt5 sec

now displacement of particle=s=gT2 /2

for T=t/2=sqrt5sec


so the particle is at (100-25)=75m above the ground at T=t/2...

5 years ago

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