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Does vector addition/other operation violated if velocity near to c,speed of light? 

6 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Padma

no its not violated.

All the best


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6 years ago

no,there will be no effect as velocity of the object is nearly equal to lightnot exactly equal tolight velocity

5 years ago

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a rectangular plate abcd of mass m and dimensions a x b is supported in a vertical plane by two hinges at aa and b as shown in fig. find instantaneous reaction of the hinge at a immediately ...
plz send the image . then i will better understand & then i will try to help u. i am waiting for figure given in the question. if u dont know how to attach or send figure then ask me.
prateek 6 days ago
A spring of force constant k is cut into 2 pieces such that one piece is double the length of the other. Then the longer piece will have force constant1)2/3k 2)3/2k 3)3k 4)6k
I think the answer is 2/3 k according to Young’s Modulous. If correct please approve my answer otherwise let me know.
Mudit 7 days ago
A car makes a displacement of 100 3m towards east and then 200m towards north. Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant the question ….and the formula we know is ...root of sum and squares of the vectors.. so we get root of 1003 2 +200 2 ...the answer is around root of 1006409 =1003 so thts the...
Gautham Lankapalli 3 months ago
From given data we consider the magnitude of the car eqal to the root of the 1003 2 +200 2 then direction equal to teete = tan - (200/1003)
Please help me in solving this attached problem.Explain how you solved........thank you
@ sunkari the question posted by you can be solved by the use of the besic formula E= kq/ rsquare . you can find out the electric field intensity , as here the charges are of same sign and...
Umakant biswal one month ago
two coils having inductance 2L and 3L are connected in series and are tightly coupled .if mutual inductance is L and current in opposite sense,the equivalent inductance is ____
Net inductance would be given as: => L1 + L2 – Mroot(L1 * L2) => 2L + 3L – Lroot(6L^2) => 5L – L^2*root(6) Henry.
2017 years ago
ans given as 3L...
2 hours ago
There is a cube of side a at every corners of which equal charge (say, q) is placed. Find the force acting on any one of the charges?
you’d have to find the forces between the charge and it’s surrounding charges at different positions, and then calculate their vector sum.
Neeti one year ago
is it 4*3 1/2 kq 2 /a 2 ???
Deepti Gupta one year ago
Prince Sharma one year ago
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