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Momentum of a body is increased by 20%.Find % increase in Kinetic Energy 


6 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Nitin,

Momentum = mass * velocity = force * time 
Kinetic Energy = 1/2 * mass * velocity squared 

Since the mass of your object is not likely changing, it is the velocity which is changing. Therefore, your new velocity is 1.2 times your initial velocity. In the kinetic energy equation, velocity is squared. 1.2 squared = 1.44, and since nothing else is changing, your kinetic energy is now 1.44 times initial. This is an increase of 28.8%.Is The Answer Clear?


-Neel Bhatt

-Student(i Take askIITians Sessions) 

6 years ago

Sorry! Your answer is wrong.The correct answer is 44%

6 years ago

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In x-y plane the position coordinates of a particle as a function of time t a is given as x=3t-4t^2 and y=4t+2t^2. The inetial velocity of particle makes an angle with x axis ?
We know that So and So we know initial velocity velocity in x direction = 3 velocity in y direction = 4 We know So
Manas Shukla 6 days ago
a ball is projected with a velocity of 40√2 m/s at an angle of 45 find the position and velocity of the ball after 2 sec
please explain further in an easier way
the 3 months ago
velocity in both x and y directions=40 m/s. For X coordinate, X=40t i.e X=40x2=80m For Y coordinate, Y=Uyt+1/2gt^2 i.e. Y=40x2-1/2x10x4=60m Position of ball after 2 sec= (80,60) Velocity in ...
Prabhjot Singh 3 months ago
Atennis ball bounces down a flght of stairs striking each step in turn and rebounding to the height of the step above. Then coefficient of restitution is?
This can be visualised as: h is directly proprtional to v^2 and height get doubled after one step then, for height h initial vel. is v^2 after height 2h the vel. becomes 4v^2 e =...
2017 years ago
Hi Sankalp, I use the Android app, HashLearn, to get my doubts cleared by IIT tutors on HashLearn. You should definitely try it. :)
4 days ago
A ball of mass m moving with speed of u undergoes head on Collision with a ball of mass m initially at rest . The fraction of the incident energy transferred to the second ball is???
Since the collision is head on and masses of balls are same, the whole energy is transferred to second ball. The first ball will be at rest and the second ball will move with velocity u
Gundeep Singh 15 days ago
WHAT IS LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY...........................?
According to me simple energy law is energy given is equal to energy utilized. You can use this statement as a conclusion.the original law is stated in above answer
vishal 2 months ago
DEAR HAYATHI, Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. One form of energy can be converted into another form.
SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
Please help me in solving this attached problem.Explain how you solved........thank you
@ sunkari the question posted by you can be solved by the use of the besic formula E= kq/ rsquare . you can find out the electric field intensity , as here the charges are of same sign and...
Umakant biswal one month ago
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