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a ball is thrown at an angle theta to the ground,when the wind exerts a force mg on it,state with reasons whether it will be a parabola or not???if so state how will be its axis of symmetry???!

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


motion will be straight line y=x is the equation of its motion


      initial velocity of particle is ucos@i +usin@j

      total accleration is a=-gi-gj

      applying s(x,y)=ut+(at^2)/2

      xi+yj= (ucos@i+usin@j)t +-(gi+gj)t^2/2

       x=ucos@t-gt^2/2.....1   ,   y=usin@t-gt^2/2.......2


 putting 3 in 1 or 2 we get (x-y)=0 and tan@=y/x

        we get the eq of path as straight line



6 years ago

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Vikas TU 2 months ago
Can you please solve the question fully and post the answer? ….........................................................................................
Divya one month ago
With what angular velocity earth should rotate so that a body lying at 30 degree latitude becomes weightless(in terms of g and R)?? Pls provide with proper explanation and also step by step...
As per my knowledge there is no need of taking 30 degree but if it earth should rotate 17 times faster then that of all other planets then body lying on equator become weightless ....that`s...
2017 years ago
a ball of mass m is dropped from the height h on a platform fixed at the top of a vertical spring. the platform is depressed by a distance x. what is the spring constant
You no longer have to wait desperately for someone to help resolve your doubt. You can chat with IITians live, 24/7 (even at 3AM!) and get your doubt resolved instantly. Try the HashLearn...
Ankit 3 months ago
Eenrgy Conservation principle, We would take the refernce at dropping point and let h be the height of the ball from the platform Thus, 0 + mgh = 0.5*k*x^2 + 0 k = 2mgh/x^2 is the answer.
Vikas TU 3 months ago
what is mutual inductance?Describe the ways in which Eddy currents are used to advantage?
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what is the super principle law?
quetion is wrong
AJITH one year ago
It might be priñciple of super position when two or more harmonic waves super impose on each other the resultant wave will be the algebraic sum of those waves
Bharath 11 months ago
You might be mistaken while typing it might
Bharath 11 months ago
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