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6 years ago


Answers : (1)


if both blocks move together, it is obvious that 8N will act on the lower block, which is more than the limiting friction of

4n(g =10m/s2), acceleration of upper block =(12-F)/2 = (12-4)/2 = 4m/s2, lower block =F/4 =4/4 =1m/s2

6 years ago

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an object of maas m1 moving with speed V collide with anorther object of mass m2 at rest stick to it. find the impulse imparted to second object?
Let v1 be the combined velocity of both the bodies after collision. Momentum of the system before collision=m1v momentum of the system after collision =(m1+m2)v1 As the total momentum is...
Piyush Behera 7 days ago
From the momentum Conservation, m1v + 0 = (m1+m2)v’ v’ = m1v/(m1+m2) m/s. J = change in momentum ( for second object.) that is = > Pf – Pi => (m2)v’ - m2*0 => m1*m2*v/(m1+m2) N-m.
Vikas TU 7 days ago
A roller of mass 300kg and of radius 50cm is lying on horizontal floor is resting against a step of height 20cm. The minimum horizontal force to be applied on the roller passing through its ...
mgh=1/2mv 2 +1/2Iw 2 mgh=1/2mv 2 +1/2mr 2 v 2 /r 2 mgh=mv 2 v=root gh v=1.414 m/s again W=F.v 1/2mv 2 +1/2mr 2 v 2 /r 2 =F.v mv 2= F.v F=m.v F=300*1.414 F=424.2 N
Quasim Khan 8 days ago
a car of mas 1000kg moving with a speed 18km/h on a smooth road and colliding with a horizontally mounted spring of spring constant 6.25x10 cube. wht is thw max compression of the spring?
Just equate the energy. 18 km/hr = 5 m/s Energy of car = = 25000/2 Energy of spring = Equating we get = 2 m
Manas Shukla 6 days ago
What are the main types of modulation? Please give some idea.
A form of sinusoidal carrier wave is given below: c(t) = a c sin(w c t+ ϕ) where a c – amplitude of carrier wave w c – frequency of carrier wave ϕ – phase of carrier wave During modulation, ...
Adarsh 2 months ago
Can someone help with Q16 that`s in the attachment. Thank you.
The correct answer for this question is 3C/4. For solving these types of questions, mark the capacitor plates having same voltages and then simplify the circuit diagram by connecting the...
Raman Mishra one month ago
@ ashmeet as in this circuit there are no battery or cell combination . so, this ques becomes easy. just redraw the circuit where 3 of them are in parallely connected . then applying the...
Umakant biswal one month ago
I think the answer will be option d because the first 3 capacitors are undoubtedly parallel but the next 2 capacitors are parallel and finally the first 3 next 2 and the last one are in...
Archishman khasnovis one month ago
is there any metal other than quartz which we can use in ultrasonic interferometer?
@ sugam as quartz is a piezoelectric material , then it can only be used in ultrasonic interferometer , besides that there is no other metals which can show this property . HOPE IT CLEAYS...
Umakant biswal 23 days ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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