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nishchith bhat Grade: 12

does friction depend upon area of contact in any case if we consider electrostatic forces between bodies are significant

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Askiitians Expert Ankit -BVCOE
18 Points


Hi Nishchith

The uniques property of friction is that it is independent of contact area .  and thats why while calculating frictional force on a body we donot consider area of contact.

Even if the bodies are charged the friction remains the same but also there is another force acting which is electrostatic force. So the motion of body depends on two things incase of charged bodies in contact.


mechanical frictional force(constant) + electrostatic force

mechanical friction will remain the same but electrostatic force may change depending on proximity or charged area of two charged objects .


Food for thought...

Someone can say that applying adhesive(glue) will increase fricton between co-joined bodies but then its the adhesive property that is coming into play and not friction which remains the same.








7 years ago
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