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if someone gets COMPARTMENT in boards and overall % is less then 60% and wishes to sit for iitjee ......then


- can that student can give IMPROVEMENT next year after clearing COMPARTMENT (is the possible?).........


- this way is he is eligible for IIT JEE..?


4 years ago


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is mains score included in final iit rank
No.......only Marks obtained in JEE-ADV would be considered for final All India Ranking.
Saurabh Kumar 10 days ago
i have got 81 marks in jee mains 2015 and expecting above 85% in board. Will i get any NITs??
Very rare chances but yes u can surely get some good private engineering college
2015 years ago
What rank will I get in jee mains with 120 marks and 87%in cbse board
Hi, Follow the trends of previous year.. If the pattern doesnt changes than you can get an idea of your probable rank you are going to get. you can also visit askiitians website for rank...
Yash Baheti 7 months ago
Are tuitions required for just CBSE 11 th and 12 th ?
No, for cbse exams, tution are not requred if toy are above average student. tutions waste your precious time that could be spent on self study. ALl that matters is self study and...
shubham sharda 15 days ago
depends on you........have you been taking tuitions for 10 th and below?......if yes then you need to take them becuz thats how your brain is adapted to learn!!
Rohan one month ago
Dear Sir, I would like to ask you that whether one can prepare for IIT JEE, AIEEE & BITS at the same time. If yes then how & if no then why?
Dear sarma You can very well prepear for IIT JEE ,AIEEE, & BITs at the same time.because for all the exam is almost same and if you are prepearing for one then you have to give onlt...
Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert 5 years ago
what should we do now for last month preparation so that we can quick refresh all sub topics.
Solve previous years to build your aptitude. This will also help you to revise the important topics.
Raheema Javed 2 months ago
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