Lenz's law

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                                        lenz law states that a
law stating that the direction of an induced current is always such as
to oppose the change in the circuit or the magnetic field that produces
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when a substance is passed in the strong magnetic field and then is forcely pushed out. then the substance will behave as ( a) ferromagnetic. ( b) ferrimagnetic ( c) di magnetic ( d) para...
It will behave as paramagnetic. Thanks & Regards Aarti Gupta askiitians Faculty
Aarti Gupta 8 months ago
Aarti Gupta 8 months ago
Why are the pole pieces of a magnet made concave ?
By making pole pieces concave and using iron cylinder, the field is made radial, so that the plain of the coil becomes parallel to the magnetic...
Harishwar 4 months ago
water is flowing in a river at 2.5 m÷s.the river is 40m wide with an average depth of 6.0m.compute the power available from the water current.
Take the time of flow to be 1 second. Volume of water=2.5*40*6=600m^3 Density of water is 1000 kg/m^3 Mass of water=600000 kg Kinetic Energy of water=1/2*600000*2.5*2.5=1875000 J Power...
Arpit Kumar 10 months ago
lokesh palingi 10 months ago
Power(P)=work/time =(potential energy+kinetic energy)/timet =[mgh+(mv²/2)]/t =[m/t]*[gh+(v²/2)] Therefore P =[density(d)*volume(V)/t]*[gh+(v²/2)] But Volume/time=area(A)*velocity(v)...
chaitnyakishore 10 months ago
Axial vectors are also called pseudovectors and they never reverse their sign as we reverse their co-ordinates. Example: Cross product of two vectors A x B Other examples to quote are...
Vasantha Kumari 9 months ago
A vector that does not reverse its sign when the coordinate system is changed to a new system by a reflection in the origin (i.e. x'i = -xi). An example of an axial vector is the vector...
Indu 9 months ago
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