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Lenz's law

one year ago


Answers : (1)

                                        lenz law states that a
law stating that the direction of an induced current is always such as
to oppose the change in the circuit or the magnetic field that produces
one year ago

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Why a deflection magnetometer should be placed in tan A and tan B position in order to calculate the magnetic moments of a bar magnet?
Tangent law Consider a bar magnet with magnetic moment m , suspended horizontally in a region where there are two perpendicular horizontal magnetic fields, and external field B and the...
Rinkoo Gupta 11 months ago
dear student, Please mention the details about the problems?
Nishant Vora 17 days ago
please see the image....
Magnetic field by a given segment of wire. In this case we have the length of the segment of the wire to be 2mm and also the distance to the desired point is given alongwith th angle it...
Aziz Alam 17 days ago
what is the kirchooff integral theorem and its applications
Kirchhoff's integral theorem uses Green's identities to derive the solution to the homogeneous wave equation at an arbitrary point P in terms of the values of the solution of the...
Yash Baheti 6 months ago
Question is attached in the pic.. {DOP 1 pg 7.71 Q119}
The water above the limit of the capillary is the same environment as a drop of water on flat ground. But it’s incorrect to (the answer is C) say that the angle of contact (which is a...
Manas Bondale 3 months ago
By mistake i have added this in wave optics category.. :(
ANMOL SETH 4 months ago
Rahul Kumar Ojah 4 months ago
i want easy way to solve complex capcitor circuits.. what kcl , kvl method of solving capacitor
This law is also called Kirchhoff's first law, Kirchhoff's point rule, or Kirchhoff's junction rule (or nodal rule). The principle of conservation of electric charge implies...
Suraj Prasad 6 months ago
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