Lenz's law

9 months ago


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                                        lenz law states that a
law stating that the direction of an induced current is always such as
to oppose the change in the circuit or the magnetic field that produces
9 months ago

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Why a charge particle moves horizontally without deflection near the earths surface..?
For a charged particle to pass through with no deflection,the net force acting on it must be zero.Thus magnetic and electric forces must be equal and opposite in direction so, v = E/B...
Aarti Gupta 5 months ago
what is the direction of earths electric field near the earths surface..?
karuna Yadav 5 months ago
Under the influence of a uniform magnetic force a charge particle is moving in a circle of radius R with constant speed. the period of motion depends on .................?
Time Period of the motion is : 1) directly proportional to the mass of the charge particle , 2) inversely proportional to the charge of the particle, 3) inversely proportional to the...
Bikram Kumar Panda 5 months ago
Inversely propotional to the magnetic force
rishabh 5 months ago
Please explain Ampere’s Circuital Law with examples, in magnetostatics.
Hi, Ampere’s Circuital Law relates the integrated magnetic field around a closed loop to the electric current passing through the loop. For further reading, refer the link...
Yash Baheti one month ago
define the thevenins theorem?
Get a circuit containing one voltage source and one resistor.
srujanapriya 9 months ago
Get a circuit containing one voltage source and one resistor
mahesh jadi 9 months ago
Derive an expression for total mechanical energy in a circular orbit?
Potential and Kinetic Energy in Orbit There is a beautifully simple result concerning the total mechanical energy for an object in a closed orbit in a central gravitational field. The result...
Nirmal Singh. 6 months ago
what is the real meaning of potential difference ? how to visualise it and electric current??
The amount of energy per unit charge required to to move a chrged particle from infinity to a given point is called the potential at that point. The work done per unit charge in moving a...
Rinkoo Gupta 4 months ago
Its easy. Its the amount of work done to move a unit charge by some distance A to B. Think of potential difference as the amount of petrol(potential difference) needed to move the...
Karthik 4 months ago
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