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				   An insulating rod of length l carries a charge q distributed uniformly on it.The rod is pivoted at an end and is rotated at a frequency f about a fixed perpendicular axis.The magnetic moment of the system is?

7 years ago


Answers : (1)



let the charge density on rod be λ = q/l

consider a small element of rod dx at a distance x from the fixed end

 charge on it dq = λ dx

when the rod rotates  the current due to this element , di = f dq

                                                                                 = f λ dx

magnetic moment of this current  element dM = di * area

                                                                = f λ dx * ∏ x^2

total magnetic moment M = ∫ dM =

                                               = ∫0 l  f λ dx * ∏ x^2

                                                = fλ∏ ∫0( x^2 ) dx  

                                                 =  fλ∏/3 * x^3 ]0 l

                                                 =  fλ∏ l^3 /3         

λ l = q , so

         M =  f∏q l^2  /3



7 years ago

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