Consider a hollow cylinder. The inner radius r1=1 and the

outer radius r2=2. Assume the cylinder has a current of I ampere flowing through it.
a. Derive an expression for the magnetic field in the hollow part of the cylinder i.e.
for rb. Derive an expression for the magnetic field between r1 and r2, i.e. for r1c. Derive an expression for the magnetic field outside the cylinder, i.e. for r>r2.

3 years ago


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Why a charge particle moves horizontally without deflection near the earths surface..?
For a charged particle to pass through with no deflection,the net force acting on it must be zero.Thus magnetic and electric forces must be equal and opposite in direction so, v = E/B...
Aarti Gupta 8 months ago
what is the direction of earths electric field near the earths surface..?
karuna Yadav 8 months ago
for a spherical magnet what can we say about the direction of magnetic field as we cant decide which one is north and which one is south??
The poles on a spherical magnet are at the positive side and the negative side. Just like that of our earth which has both a north and south pole. The magnetic field is described as loops...
Nirmal Singh. 11 months ago
What is interference ?
Hello Student, Two waves must have the two contributing crests and the two troughs arriving at the same time. For destructive interference, a crest from one wave and a trough from the other...
Arun Kumar 7 months ago
why the electric field of a infinite wire is independent of the distance ‘r’? Don’t it violate Coulomb’s Law which states that Electrostatic force is inversely proportional to distance...
your ,question is wrong as E due to an infinite sized charged sheet not infinitely long wire is independent of distance.Moreover there is no sense of violation of coulomb’s law as E due to...
siddharth gupta 6 months ago
Thanks for ur answer. It is a good answer.I Really appreciate that.
Akash Asthana 6 months ago
A liquid of temperature coefficient of volume expansion g = 4 × 10 –5 /ºC is poured in a cylindrical container of metal. On increasing temperature height of liquid in container will remain...
Dear student, First find new volume of the liquid due to temperature increase. For the metal container, assume coefficent = x Find its new radius and new height in terms of x. Equate both...
Shobhit Varshney 4 months ago
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