Consider a hollow cylinder. The inner radius r1=1 and the

outer radius r2=2. Assume the cylinder has a current of I ampere flowing through it.
a. Derive an expression for the magnetic field in the hollow part of the cylinder i.e.
for rb. Derive an expression for the magnetic field between r1 and r2, i.e. for r1c. Derive an expression for the magnetic field outside the cylinder, i.e. for r>r2.

3 years ago


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a soap bubble get negatively wil affected its radius?
When Negative charge is given to the soap bubble then it will distribute over the surface and at each point there will be electrostatic force. it will repel each other until restoring force...
Nirmal Singh. one month ago
how to solve questions based on kirchoffs law with capacitors and inductors where in only the capacitance and inductance and the voltage of the battery is given to us .... please illustrate...
now this is the general case .....we have a voltage source, a resistance , a capacitor and an inductor. Kirchhoff law says that for a mesh the sum of voltages should be zero ( in a loop) so...
Saurabh Singh 8 months ago
thank u soo much saurabh sir.. for this wonderful explanation
saarah thames 5 months ago
Light consists of waves Light consists of neither particles nor waves Light consists of particles Light consists of both particles and waves
Dear Student, Please submit the question again as it`s not clear. askIITian Faculty
Girish Kadam 6 months ago
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