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                   Consider a hollow cylinder. The inner radius r1=1 and the

outer radius r2=2. Assume the cylinder has a current of I ampere flowing through it.
a. Derive an expression for the magnetic field in the hollow part of the cylinder i.e.
for rb. Derive an expression for the magnetic field between r1 and r2, i.e. for r1c. Derive an expression for the magnetic field outside the cylinder, i.e. for r>r2.

4 years ago


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The electromagnetic wave contain both electric and magnetic field. Light is an electromagnetic wave wich contain magnectic field . Thus there should be deflection in compus and dammage for...
Light is an electromagnetic wave and which is a transverse in nature. As the electric field (E), magnetic field (B) and the propagation vector (K) are perpendicular to each other. All these...
Biswajit Das one month ago
please see the image...
Magnetic field due to a current element (as length is relatively very small, we can assume it as a current element) = X idlsin /r 2 For point A, = 90 For point B, tan = 5/14. Find . Use it...
Abhishek Kumar one month ago
What is the working principle of the transformer and which type of currentis applied
transformer works on the principle of magnetic mutual inductance and it works only under alternating current ... direct current cannot be used!! important to remember
saarah thames one year ago
it works on the priciple of mutual inductance. it can only work with ac current.. bbut not with direct current
saarah thames 11 months ago
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