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A deflection magnetometer is arranged with its arms along east-west.A small bar magnet is placed length wise with its north pole pointing east along the eastern arm with its centre 25cm away from centre of needle of the magnetometer.The needle is then found to be deflected through an angle 30degrees.if arms of magnetometer are rotated in anticlockwise through 90 degrees ,the deflection of the needle would be....                                             

1)30 degrees   2)60 degrees 3)45 degrees 4)0 degrees

5 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear student,

The deflection magnetometer is set with its arms in the east-west direction along the aluminium pointer or right angles to the magnetic meridian. The compass box alone is rotated so as to make the aluminium pointer read 0° - 0" on the circ{ular} scale. Then the deflection magnetometer is said to be arranged in Tan A or Gauss A position. It is also called end-on position because the axial line of the bar magnet passes through the center of the needle.


The correct option is 2)

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5 years ago

     answer :-B

3 years ago

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