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6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Anoop,

A magnet is any object with a magnetic field. In order for a magnet to attract an object, the object needs to be ferromagnetic. However, magnets can attract each other when the poles are opposite.

Magnetic Fields
   1. Magnetic fields occur naturally in materials with a certain composition and can also be seen in electrical currents. The strength of a magnetic field is called its magnitude.

   2. Ferromagnetism is the process by which certain materials become magnets or have a tendency to be attracted by magnets. Ferromagnetic compounds include iron, cobalt, magnetite, and ferrite. The most common magnets use magnetite.

   3. Magnetic attraction occurs because of particle alignment. If most particles tend to align in a certain direction, the compound becomes a magnet. Other substances have a high tendency to be magnetized, such as iron.

   4. Electricity also generates a magnetic field, which gains potential when the medium it travels through is coiled. Examples of electromagnetism can be seen in many simple motors.


All the best.


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Vijay Luxmi

6 years ago

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describe the formation of magnetic field during current flowing
dear kousik, the magnatic field is described by the right hand thumb rule when current flowing place your right hand thumb in the direction of the current and curl the ramaining fingers in...
SURESH 9 months ago
How to make strong electromagnet?
the material of the core should be soft iron
SAIMANIKANTA one year ago
the material of the core should be soft iron . An electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by an electric current. The magnetic field disappears when the...
SAI SANDY 10 months ago
Dear Kajal, If you want to make a strong electro magnet the material of core should be iron cupper and the core consists of large number of circles.
SAI SARDAR 10 months ago
What do you mean by radial magnetic field and what are it`s area of applications
Radial magnetic field find its uses in number of devices.the galvanometer uses radial magnetic field to rotate its coil.such magnetic field is such that plane of the coil is always parallel ...
neena 9 months ago
are there any other physical quantities having both magnitude and direction but not vectors apart from electric current? If Yes, plse mention those quantities except electric current.
such quantities are called tensors . stress on a material, such as a construction beam in a bridge. Other examples of tensors include the strain tensor, the conductivity tensor, and the...
hridya 12 days ago
MR Vikas, I am asking for examples of physical quantities which are having both MAGNITUDE and DIRECTION but can not be called as vectors.One example is electric current which has both...
Venkateswarlu Kotharu one month ago
Thhere are many and those are simply termed as scalar quantities. Examples, Temperature, Pressure, Volume etc. and electric current is too scalar quantity.
Vikas TU one month ago
a bomb at rest explodes into two parts m1 and m2.if the momentums of two parts be p1 and p2 then kinetic energy will be in the ratio
ratio will be P1^2xM2/p^2xM1.... but as by law of conservation of momentum … initial momentum=0.. so p1=-p2.....hence final and the correct answer is M2/M1...
2017 years ago
what is wave collision??
waves are interact each other took collision occures
Gavvala Ganesh one year ago
interference is a phenomenon in which two waves superpose to form a resultant wave of greater or lower amplitude.
SHANMUKESHWAR one year ago
waves are interact each other took collision occures
DURGA PRASAD one year ago
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