A survey of India worker was taking the 2000 census in Behrampur distance of Orissa. It was a Wednesday in the second half of the year in the waxing moon phase right aftera major national festival. In one of the villages the worker intervewed a toothless old lady sitting in front of hut. The lady declared: My grand daughter is about as many days as my daughter is weeks, and my grand daughte is as many months as I am years. The three of us together are 140 years. The surveyor quickly took out her calculator and started punching in a few numbers to find the lady's age. Her calculator has a seven segment LCD displaye but she was puzzled to see the number so she did the calculations again, this time assuming 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year. This time the results were correct. Can you tell what did the calculator display showed, if you made the same assumptions?

a)85 years b)83 years c)84 years d)86 years


3 years ago


Answers : (1)


dear doppalapudi,

according to the conditions given in the question,

grand daughter's days= daughter's weeks

grand daughter's months = her years,

let x= age (in years) of old lady herself

y = age (in years) of her daughter

z= age (in years) of her grand daughter

therefore , x+y+z=140    (1)

365z=365/7 * y               (2)

12z=x                             (3)

solving the above three equations we get

x=84 years

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3 years ago

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