(x2+x/(2x+1)1/2) dx

2 years ago


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 please find the attachment below


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2 years ago

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please help anyone............jitendra sir where are you please help ….....
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below sinx should be b/w 0 & 1 (with both excluded) Since base(sinx) is less than 1. So when we cancel it out, inequality sign...
Jitender Singh one month ago
jitendra sir in third step .inequality sign changes why ? /............ thanks for your help ….…....
milind one month ago
1/(sinx + secx)
1/(sinx+secx) = cosx/(sinxcosx+1) = 2cosx/(2sinxcosx+2) =(cosx +sinx)/(3-(sinx-cosx) 2 ) + (cosx-sinx)/((cosx+sinx2) 2 +1) substitute sinx-cosx and t in first term and cosx-sinx as z in...
Amarendra Mishra 23 days ago
help help.......
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to the following question is a one-one function. So which means that every input has only one output. Given: Since only one statement is correct and...
Jitender Singh 2 months ago
help image attached …..please
from the question itself, Lt(x--->5) (f(x)) 2 -9 = 0 hence f(5)=3 or -3 but range of f(x) is[0,infinite) hence f(x) = 3
srikar 9 days ago
you did this by cross multiplication
milind 7 days ago
Solve for x cosx + (3) 1/2 sinx = 2cos2x I would really appreciate if you reply soon.
Ans:Hello student, please find answer to your question
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
Help …....image attached
Hello student, Please find answer to your question Differentiate Differentiate
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
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