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(x2+x/(2x+1)1/2) dx

3 years ago


Answers : (1)



 please find the attachment below


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980_36248_indefinite integral.JPG

3 years ago

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ihow use shortcuts for integral calculus
Hello student, First of all, in order to excel in integral calculus the inetgration formulae should be on your finger tips. There is no shortcut to hardwork and practice, but yes, there are...
Latika Leekha 6 months ago
What is the ∫root over of sinx.dx
This is a non-integrable function.
Ashu one year ago
This is a non-integrable function.
Ashu one year ago
please tell me a book for integration which help me in deep studies hurry
grenade 6 months ago
GN BERMAN (russian author) this book consist of all types of questions the book might cost you 100 or you can prefer errrorless book approve if useful
Gman Namg 6 months ago
is this book will be correct
Gman Namg 6 months ago
2sinA+B/2*cosA-B/2 DIFFERENCES OF SINES INTO COSES.........INTO PRODUCTS OF SINES..............................
SHANMUKESHWAR one month ago
sinA+sinB= sinA cosB + cosA sinB
RAJU 2 months ago
sin A + sin B = sin (
aditi arora one month ago
e x l og a + e alogx +e aloga
since we can write e xlog a =e log a^x =a x so the required answer is a x +x a +a a
Revti Raman 4 months ago
The number of normal(s) to the parabola y^2 = 8x through (2,1) is?
Dear Student, Equaiton of any normal to y 2 = 4ax is y = mx -2am -am 3 . Now since it passes through (2,1) and a = 2. Therefore equation will be m 3 +2m+1 =0 Solve the cubic equation to get...
Vijay Mukati 6 days ago
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