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(x2+x/(2x+1)1/2) dx

3 years ago


Answers : (1)



 please find the attachment below


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980_36248_indefinite integral.JPG

3 years ago

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Calcilate the area bounded between the curves y = x and y = lnx from 0 and 1.
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below y = x y = lnx Area b/w curves ‘A’
Jitender Singh one year ago
first we should find the area covered by the line in the interval oto1 then we find area covered by the curve lnx in the interval 0 to 1 then the difference gives us the answer
pavansai one year ago
pi/2 ∫ 0 dx/1 + tan x
answer will be pi/4 ..see we have to use the property of definite integral f(a-x) = f(x). also change tanx to sinx / cosx now we have pi/2 ∫ 0 dx/1 + tan x = pi/2 ∫ 0 dx/ (1 + (sinx/cosx) ) ...
abhishek singh 11 months ago
sorrythelast line was wrongly typed .. it was lower limit = 0 and upper limit = pi/2 of [1]* 1/2
abhishek singh 11 months ago
Aziz Alam 10 months ago
It is a lame joke. “bo” comes out as a constant and dy is integrated as “y” therefore- integration of body is “boy”
RON 10 months ago
robo 7 months ago
Let A(3,-4), B(1,2) and P(2k-1,2k+1) is a variable point such that PA + PB IS MINIMUM then k=
what is problem in dis questions just find distances and sum them now u will get equation in k , consider it as function of k and u have to find its min value differentiate it wrt ot k and...
ng29 4 months ago
ok there is another metod to approach this question P will be mid point of A and B then PA + PB will be minimum and hence by using mid point formula u will get value of k approve if...
ng29 4 months ago
That I know, but it takes too much time if you have any short method please tell me....
Aditya Sharma 4 months ago
sin2a +3sina +cosa +3cosa
I am unable to solve it further, please reply if know the answer.
Anoopam Mishra one month ago
= sin2a + 3sina + 4cosa
Anoopam Mishra one month ago
How can we generalise the different equations in Mathematical Induction.
THE NATURAL NUMBERSare the counting numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.Mathematical inductionis a technique for proving a statement -- a theorem, or a formula -- that is asserted abouteverynatural...
Charchit Tailong 2 months ago
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