area under curve

2 years ago


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Are of the cure is the integral of the graph function

2 years ago

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evaluate the following integral ∫ 1 + tan x / 1 – tan x dx
Ans: Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 2 months ago
∫cos(2 cot-1​​{ root(1-x/1+x)} = ????
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 2 months ago
see the attachment plz
Hello Student, Just take lnx = t So 1/x dx = dt So ques becomes integration sint dt...
Nishant Vora 14 days ago
A hollow sphere of internal and external radii 3c.m and 4c.m respectively is melted into a cylinder of diameter 37c.m.What is the height of the cylinder ?
given, Ri=3 R2=4 diameter of the cylinder=37 radius =18.5 we know that,volume of the sphere=4/3*3.14*R 3 hence volume of Si=4/3*3.14* 3 =36*pie volume of Sf=4/3*3.14* 3 3 =85.3*pie hence...
sumanth one year ago
Volume of hollow sphere=Volume of cylinderForm the equation4/3*pi*(4^3-3^3) = pi * 18.5^2*hGet h.Vinti SinghaiaskIITians Faculty,B.E(Honors) in Elec &Comm, Gold Medalist
Vinti Singhai one year ago
A,B,C,D are four points on a circle with radius R such that AC is perpendicular to BD and meets BD at E. prove that:EA 2 +EB 2 +EC 2 +ED 2 =4R 2
you say A,B,C,D are 4 points on cirrcle with radius R and AC perpendicular to BD from these we say AC and BD are meets at center of the EA=EB=EC=ED=R that's mean...
pavaneswari one month ago
How is
Hi, This is a special case. (1+0)^(1/0) Here F(x) at x=a is 1, and and if {1+f(x)}^g(x) where f(x) is tending to zero and g(x) to infinity that the answer would be lim(x>a)e^[f(x).g(x)]....
Yash Baheti one month ago
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