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Are of the cure is the integral of the graph function

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The area under the plot of plasma concentration of drug (not logarithm of the concentration) against time after drug administration. The area is conveniently determined by the “trapezoidal rule”: the data points are connected by straight line segments, perpendiculars are erected from the abscissa to each data point, and the sum of the areas of the triangles and trapezoids so constructed is computed. When the last measured concentration (Cn, at time tn) is not zero, the AUC from tn to infinite time is estimated by Cn/kel.

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integral means
for a beginner integration can be told as process of calculation of area under any function and x axis, for example integarl of f(x)=x, between limits 0 to a , will give a^2/2 , which is...
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
thank u sir, for solving my problem
lokesh palingi 4 months ago
The value of the Integral Hint: p/2 (ax3 -p/2 cos x + b sin x + c)dx, depends on how many parameters among (a , b , c). Integral of an odd function over the interval [-a,a] is zero..
x^3 is odd--->0 sinx is odd--->0 only c will left in integration in integration, hence it depends only on c. Sher Mohammad B.Tech, IIT Delhi
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
x^3 is odd--->0 sinx is odd--->0 only c will left in integration in integration Sher Mohammad B.Tech, IIT Delhi
Sher Mohammad 5 months ago
your question is not properly given
MuraliKrishna Medavaram 4 months ago
Define a function h : [0, 1] ? [-1, 1] as h(x) = sin p( 2x 2-1 ). Using Inverse function Theorem, find v -1/ 2. Hint: Show that h(x) is a bijective function. d -1 dx h at x = 0 , x =
goes from [-1,1]. As x belongs to [0,1], = Take f(x) = f(y) for some x,y in domain, At x=0, Answer = 0 THerefore, x = y. Also, for all b in range, there is some a in the domain. Hence, h(x)...
bharat bajaj one month ago
Is it possible to add two vectors of unequal magnitude and get a resultant of zero?Please explain also.
PT: |x| is not = |y| x+y=0 therefore, x=-y therefore, we get |-y| and |y|, but they are equal, therefore |x|=|y|, For a simple example, Take a block of unit mass kept on a table. You and...
Chitransh Gaurav one year ago
no it is not possible as .. if the magnitude is diffrent then they cannot cancel.... soo... if the resultant has to b zero then the vectors should have same ma n diff direction
it is not possible .for two vectors to give zero resultant their components along the x and y axis must cancel each other which is not possible for this case.
vihang agarwal one year ago
sqrt[3]cosec20 + sec20=?
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 24 days ago
Really nice methods :)
Leo Pixie 24 days ago
can u explain vectors
Scalar product: The scalar product or dot product of two vectors A and B , denoted as A.B is defined as A.B= AB cos θ where, θ is the angle between the two vectors. Since A, B...
yours katarnak Suresh one year ago
vectors: A Quantity having both magnitude and direction and obeys laws of vector addition is called a vector. Examples:Displacement,Velocity,Acceleration etc., Product of vectors:1)cross...
BAYANA SAGAR one year ago
those quantities which requires magnitude and direction both for their representation and obeys parallelogram law of vector addition are called vectors.these are tensors of rank 1.
jaideep sangwan one year ago
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