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Are of the cure is the integral of the graph function

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The area under the plot of plasma concentration of drug (not logarithm of the concentration) against time after drug administration. The area is conveniently determined by the “trapezoidal rule”: the data points are connected by straight line segments, perpendiculars are erected from the abscissa to each data point, and the sum of the areas of the triangles and trapezoids so constructed is computed. When the last measured concentration (Cn, at time tn) is not zero, the AUC from tn to infinite time is estimated by Cn/kel.

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please solve this question image attached
Nishant Vora 4 months ago
evaluate the following integral ∫ cos x / cos(x – a) dx
Ans: Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
Integrate : x^2+3/(x^6[x^2+1]) Please help
Dear student, You can do the following: Now using the partial fraction, we get: Solving for the constants, would give the required result. Regards
Sumit Majumdar 3 months ago
The solution set of the equation 4 log 9 x -6.x log 9 2 + 8 = 0 is ______.
We have x log a y = y log a x S, x log 9 2 = 2 log 9 x 4 log 9 x -6.x log 9 2 + 8 = 0 => (2 2 ) log 9 x – 6. 2 log 9 x + 8 = 0 => (2 log 9 x ) 2 - 6. 2 log 9 x + 8 = 0 let 2 log 9 x = y...
Y RAJYALAKSHMI 5 months ago
Mostafijur Rahaman 5 months ago
Calculate the value of C3+C7+C11......
Hello Student, We know that Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 6 months ago
Prove that
let y = f(x) g(x) Taking log on both sides log y= g(x) log(f(x)) Taking antilog on both sides y = e g(x) logf(x) Consider log f(x)= log ( 1 + (f(x)-1)) Expansion of log ( 1 + x)= x – x...
Harsh Patodia 3 months ago
Hi Student, Basically subtraction of 1 comes from the derivation. So it must be done. If you want to know the derivation please reply on this thread otherwise its not necessary. You can...
Harsh Patodia 3 months ago
Hi student This is of the type f(x) g(x) which is of form 1 such that f(x) 1 and g(x) Solution of such form is give by e g(x)(f(x)-1) When you will subsitute appropriate values of f(x) and...
Harsh Patodia 3 months ago
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