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intregate from 0 to 3, (x^2+1)d[x] where [x] denotes greatest integer less than equal to x

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Debadutta,


An integration where there is no variable of integration is not possible.

d[x] does not vary. It becomes a constant.



Ashwin (IIT Madras).

3 years ago

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integration of x 7 +2 / (x 2 +x+1) 2.
Are there any limits... I mean to ask whether this is an indefinite or definite integration question
Jayakrishna one month ago
please help anyone............jitendra sir where are you please help ….....
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below sinx should be b/w 0 & 1 (with both excluded) Since base(sinx) is less than 1. So when we cancel it out, inequality sign...
Jitender Singh 10 months ago
jitendra sir in third step .inequality sign changes why ? /............ thanks for your help ….…....
milind 10 months ago
find the area bounded by the curves x = y 2 and x = 3 – 2y 2
Hi, point of intersection of two curves (1,1) and (1,-1) Area bounded = Integration of [ (3-2y 2 ) – y 2 ] from y = -1 to y = 1 The integration come out to be 4 units....
Shobhit Varshney 10 months ago
The area bounded will be given by point of intersection will be y 2 = (3 – 2y 2 ) => y 2 =1 => y = +1 and -1 so limit of integration will be -1 to +1 So just solve this definite ...
Nishant Vora 10 months ago
f(x)=[tan 2 x]
Please post the complete question.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
What is your question?
Adarsh one month ago
what are some important value we can earn in studying arithmetic progression and geometric progression
Understanding AP and GP will let you understand how the series can be solved easily which increases or decreases by the fixed ratio or distance. Thanks
Vijay Mukati one month ago
a situation may be described by using different sets of coordinate axes having different orientations. which of the following do not depend on the orientation of the axes? the value of a...
The vector will change as a whole if we change the orientation of axes. There will be a change in magnitute and component too.. Hence, the value of a scalar does not depend on the...
bharat bajaj one year ago
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