intregate from 0 to 3, (x^2+1)d[x] where [x] denotes greatest integer less than equal to x

2 years ago


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Hi Debadutta,


An integration where there is no variable of integration is not possible.

d[x] does not vary. It becomes a constant.



Ashwin (IIT Madras).

2 years ago

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find the maximum value of f(x) =integration of 0 to x (2t-t²+5)dt
Thanks and Regards, M.MURALIKRISHNA askIITians faculty
MuraliKrishna Medavaram 5 months ago
MuraliKrishna Medavaram 5 months ago
on integrating using lebnitz theorem for differantiation under integral sign df(x)/dx=2x-x2+5 for maxima and minima df(x)/dx=0 =>2x-x2+5=0 => x= 1+sqrt(6),1-sqrt(6) d2f(x)/dx2=2-2x...
lokesh palingi 5 months ago
integration of sin^mxcos^nx prove that (m-1)(m-2)....(n-1)(n-2).../(m+n)(m+n-2)..... if m and n are even the multiply ans by pie/2
hi nilesh pls give the limits of the integration is it 0 to pie / 2
jitender lakhanpal 11 months ago
nilesh gupta 10 months ago
integ 0 to π [ sin ¹°° x. cos ?? x] dx
let I = integral of 0 to p sin ¹°°xcos x dx I = integral of 0 to p sin ¹°°( p- x)cos( p- x )dx = - integral of 0 to p sin ¹°°xcos x dx = -I 2I=0 I=0 Thanks & Regards Parvez Ali...
Parvez ali 5 months ago
naveen 5 months ago
If p , p’ are the lengths of the perpendiculars from the origin from the straight line, whose equations are xsecR+ycosecR=a amd xcosR-ysinR=acos2R, then show that 4p2 + 4p’2=a2 .
Hello Student from what i understand by your representation. Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 14 days ago
what is a scalar vector
Scalars are quantities that are fully described by a magnitude (or numerical value) alone. Vectors are quantities that are fully described by both a magnitude and a direction. A related...
Saurabh Singh 5 months ago
Scalar Quantities Most of the physical quantities encountered in physics are either scalar or vector quantities. A scalar quantity is defined as a quantity that has magnitude only. Typical...
Indu 4 months ago
which has only magnitude
jogiraju 4 months ago
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