what is the integration of 

"log(tanx + cotx)"   with limits from 0 to pi/2  ?

2 years ago


Answers : (1)


answer is p/2(log2)..... is it crct....

2 years ago

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Find the integration of the following function from 0 to 2pi [(sin 2n x)/(sin 2n x + cos 2n x)]
bkjbcxmzbnc xz, c,x c ckzbxc,m ,
Jitender Singh 14 days ago
Integrate log(1+tan x) from 0 to pi/4
Ans: Thanks & Regards Jitender Singh IIT Delhi askIITians Faculty
Jitender Singh 26 days ago
Consider a function g(x) which is defined and differentiable on (-8, 8) and increasing in (1,2) and decreasing elsewhere. We construct another function f (x) = g(x) - (g(x))2 + (g(x))3 ....
f(x) = g(x) - (g(x))^2 + (g(x))^3 f'(x) = g'(x) ( 1 - 2 g(x) + 3g(x)^2) Now, 3g(x)^2 - 2g(x) + 1 has Discriminant = 0. Hence, this means that this is either always positive or always...
bharat bajaj 4 months ago
what is vector
Dear student, Any physical quantity can be classified either as a scalar or as a vector. A scalar quanitity can be specified completely with its magnitude whereas the vector needs both the...
Sumit Majumdar 7 days ago
The area of the triangle formed by the intersection of a line parallel to x-axis and passing through P (h, k) with the lines y = x and x + y = 2 is 4h^2. Find the locus of the point P.
Hello Student, Area of triangle=(1/2).AB.AC=4h^2 and AB= 2|k–1|=AC =>4h2 =(1/2).2.(k–1)^2 =>k-1 = ± 2h. =>locus is y = 2x + 1, y = – 2x + 1. Thanks &...
Arun Kumar 24 days ago
Image attached ….....
Hello student, Please find answer to your question Similarly, you can prove for n,
Jitender Singh 21 days ago
Sir explain this solution. I n = d n-1 /dx n-1 [x n-1 + nx n-1 log x ] In = (n-1) d n-2 / dx n-2 x n-2 + n d n-1 / dx n-1 (x n-1 logx) I n = (n-1 ) ! + nI n-1 In – nI n-1 =(n-1)! Proved
milind 21 days ago
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