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                   indefinite integrals

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Anam,

Please ask what you want to ask so that we can reply to your questions.


3 years ago

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Pls type your question...
Saurabh Kumar 5 months ago
plz post ur question clearly................
noogler 5 months ago
Obtain integral of Cos 2x – ln [ (Cos x+ sin x)/ (Cos x- Sin x)] dx
is this definet or indefinet
Nicho priyatham 5 months ago
wh book 1s check it
Nicho priyatham 5 months ago
what do we mean by substitution in integration
A change in the variable of integration often reduces an integral to one of the fundamental integrals. The method in which you change the variable to some other variable is called the...
grenade 6 months ago
Integration by Substitution" (also called "u-substitution") is a method to find an integral , but only when it can be set up in a special way. When the integrand involves some trigonometric ...
ng29 6 months ago
find the locus of the mid points of the chord of the hyperbola x 2 /a 2 -y 2 /b 2 =1 which subtend a right angle at the origin.
consider the mid to be a point P (X 0, Y 0 ) now use the formula S 1 =S 11 you will get the equation of chord with its mid point. then homogenise this equation with the equation of given...
Janani one month ago
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Kalyani Jayachandran Menon 4 months ago
The numbers have been arranged under some rule. Based on that rule which number will come on the place of Question Mark ? 1,1,2,6,24,?,720
1=1 1=1*1( multiply preceding number with 1) 2=1*2( multiply preceding number with 2) 6=2*3( multiply preceding number with 3) 24=6*4( multiply preceding number with 4) ?=24*5=(120)(...
Karthik Kumar one month ago
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