the value of integrand limit [0 to [x]] {x-[x]}dx (where [.] denotes greatest integer function.

2 years ago


Answers : (2)


Arun Kumar
IIT Delhi
Askiitians Faculty
2 months ago
x-[x] is periodic with period 1. therefore, ?0[x]x-[x] dx = [x]?01x-[x] dx =[x]/2
we can get integral of x-[x] within limits 0 and 1 using method of areas as ½.
Therefore the answer is [x]/2
2 months ago

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find the integral of(sin x¹°°cos x??) and interval is (0,x)
I = S (sin 100 xcos x ).dx here S = integration symbol substituting sinx = t then cos x dx = dt I = S t 100 .dt I = (t 101 / 101) + k k- constant = (sin 101 x)/101 + k Thanks and Regards,...
Ajay Verma 5 months ago
kenadi kumar 4 months ago
ln vcos X-cos ³X at [-p÷2,p÷2]
Sher Mohammad B.Tech, IIT Delhi
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
integral of (e^x)*(sec^2(x))
Thanks & Regards Saurabh Singh, askIITians Faculty B.Tech. IIT Kanpur
Saurabh Singh 5 months ago
what is 2F1 (-i/2,1;1-i/2;-e^2ix)
K CHANDANA 5 months ago
Find the intervals in which f(x) = jx??2j x2 is strictly increasing and strictly decreasing.
your expression is not so clear so I take the liberty to interpret it in my way f(x) = |x 2 |x 2 Since x 2 is always greater than 0 so mod of x 2 is always positive So f(x) becomes x 4 which...
sudhir pal 5 months ago
Please post the questain again. We could not understand your question. Thanks Bharat Bajaj askIITians Faculty Qualification. IIT Delhi
bharat bajaj 5 months ago
f(x)=|x-2|/x^2 for x>2 =2-x/x^2 for x<2 f'(x)=(4/x^3)-(1/x^2) for x>2 =-((4/x^3)-(1/x^2)) for x<2 for strictly increasing f'(x)>0 (4/x^3)-(1/x^2) >0 for x>2 x>4 for...
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
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Akhil sai 8 months ago
Please tell how they calculate it sir please see attachment
Ans: By binomial theorm,
Jitender Singh 13 days ago
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