the value of integrand limit [0 to [x]] {x-[x]}dx (where [.] denotes greatest integer function.

2 years ago


Answers : (2)


Arun Kumar
IIT Delhi
Askiitians Faculty
5 months ago
x-[x] is periodic with period 1. therefore, ?0[x]x-[x] dx = [x]?01x-[x] dx =[x]/2
we can get integral of x-[x] within limits 0 and 1 using method of areas as ½.
Therefore the answer is [x]/2
5 months ago

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Q . THE AREA ENCLOSED BETWEEN THE CURVES - y = ln ( x + e ) and x = ln ( 1/y ) AND X-AXIS.
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below Intersect x-axis at (1-e, 0) & y-axis at (0, 1) Intersect y-axis at (0, 1). Area A b/w two curves is:
Jitender Singh 8 days ago
thanks sir......and happy diwali.......
bharat makkar 8 days ago
see attachment and explain it
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Jitender Singh 3 months ago
1∫ -1 ( x + 3) dx
integration of x+3 from -1 to 1 is equal to (((x^2)/2)+3x) from -1 to 1 ((1/2)+(3))-((1/2)-3) =3+3 =6
Miryala Gopalakrishna 4 days ago
Ans:- 1 ∫ -1 (x+3)dx =[(x 2 /2)+3x] -1 1 =[(1 2 )/2 -(-1 2 )/2]+3(1-(-1)) =(1/2)-(1/2)+6 =6
anusha 4 days ago
Is the topic Vectors hard?
very easy.....make a firm grip on it becauz it is the basic thing of phy PLZ APPROVE MY ANS
larisha sharma one year ago
if u wont command it then u will face a lot of problems in many chapters...
Saurabh Anand one year ago
it is not very tough but you can take it as average.
Madhukar Thalore one year ago
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abhidon3 one month ago
the general eq. of vectors which are collinear?
as such i didn't get what exactly you are asking, but still as far as your question speak: if we have two vectors a and b which are collinear, then a = k b ; OR if a = a1 i + a2 j + a3 k and...
Pratik Tibrewal 9 months ago
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