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ifI1=integral from pi-a to a xf ofsinx and i2=integral pi-a to a f of sinx then i2 is?


3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Krishna,

 please find the attachement



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3 years ago

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Q . THE AREA ENCLOSED BETWEEN THE CURVES - y = ln ( x + e ) and x = ln ( 1/y ) AND X-AXIS.
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below Intersect x-axis at (1-e, 0) & y-axis at (0, 1) Intersect y-axis at (0, 1). Area A b/w two curves is:
Jitender Singh 10 months ago
thanks sir......and happy diwali.......
Bharat Makkar 10 months ago
Hi, Take Ln X = t So by this substitution dt is available which is 1/x. Now our function has reduced to Sin t . dt which is easily integrable. After integration do the back substitution to...
Yash Baheti 10 months ago
Hii The image is not visible properly . Kindly repost it and we will get back to you with correct answer Thanks . . . .. . . . . . . . ..
Sourabh Singh 10 months ago
3 ∫ 2 (2x 2 + 1) dx
integration of (2(X^2)+1)dx from 2 to 3 is equal to (2((x^3)/3)+x) from 2 to3 =(2((3^3)/3)+3)-(2((2^3)/3)+2) =(2*(27/3)+3)-(2*(8/3)+2) =(18+3)-((16/3)+2) =(21)-(22/3) =41/3
Miryala Gopalakrishna 10 months ago
Ans:- 3 ∫ 2 (2x 2 +1)dx =2[(x 2+1 /2+1)] 2 3 +[x] 2 3 =2[(x 3 /3)] 2 3 +[x] 2 3 =2[(3 3 /3)+(2 3 /3)]+[3-2] =2[(27+8)/3]+1 =2[(35/3)]+1 =(70/3)+1 =73/3
Anusha 10 months ago
what is adjugate the term is related to which theorem pl.xplain
adjoint of a matrix is also called adjugate i.e transpose of the co-factor matrix. You can refer to NCERT textbook. And which thoerem are you talking about? Cayley- Hamilton theorem???
AUREA 3 months ago
I am talking about Jacobi theorem
grenade 3 months ago
I read Jacobi th in determinant
grenade 3 months ago
Hi there, I would like to obtain the solution for IIT 2000 maths paper
First you check it on askiitians web link, it not then there can be available on arihant publication or New light publication...
Saurabh Kumar 9 days ago
if X.A=0,X.B=0,X.C=0 for some non-zero vectorsX. then value of [ABC] is
There can only be three vectors which can be mutually perpendicular. From question, we can say that X is perpendicular to A, B and C. Hence, at least 2 of A, B and C are collinear. And if...
Shubham Singh 4 months ago
Shubham Singh 4 months ago
mansi dabriwal 4 months ago
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