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  Integration from 0 to infinity x2cosx / (xsinx)2

3 years ago


Answers : (2)




= cos(x)/sin2(x)

= cot(x)cosec(x)

Integrating it gives -cosec(x) 

Definite Integral frm 0 to infiniity is cosec(0)+cosec(infinity) ---> undefined 

3 years ago
                                        integral x^2cosx/(xsinx)^2 dx
=integral cotx cosecx dx
=- cosecx +C

Thanks & Regards
Rinkoo Gupta
AskIITians Faculty
one year ago

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Latika Leekha 6 months ago
u can use properties to solve the question or jacobi’s theorem
grenade 6 months ago
We know that, tan(c-b) = (tan c – tan b)/(1+tan c * tan b), So, (1+tan c * tan b) = (tan c – tan b) / tan (c-b), Put c= x+a, b=x, (1+tanx * tan(x+a)) = (tan(x+a) – tan x) / tan(x+a-x)...
Akshay 4 months ago
(1/x 3 +1).dx please integrate
u can writee 1= x 2 -(x 2 -1) the then split it in to two and write x 3 +1 in the multiples of x+1 use the mehod of cancellation then partial diffrentiation and solve
grenade 5 months ago
thank u i was just expanding the x cube +1 and forgot for the alternative of 1
daniel clemen 5 months ago
charan 2 months ago
SAI 2 months ago
HARSHAVARDHAN 2 months ago
Why does the angular bisector have to make 120 degree angle?
In this case So, bisector will make 120 (=180-60) angle with +ve x-axis
Akshay 4 months ago
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Akshay 4 months ago
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A circle with a radius cannot be inscribed in a square with side length a.
Akshay 4 months ago
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