Integration from 0 to infinity x2 / (xsinx ecosx)2

2 years ago


Answers : (1)

                    integral lim x=0 to infinity x^2/x^2sin^2xe^2cos^2x
=integral lim x=0 to infinity 1/sin^2xe^2cos^2x
=1/e^2integral lim x=0 to infinity4/(2sinxcosx)^2
=4/e^2integral lim x=0 to infinity dx/sin^2(2x)
=4/e^2 integral lim x=0 to infinity cosec^2(2x) dx
=4/e^2 [(-cot2x)/2] x=0 to infinity
=2/e^2[-cot infinity+ cot0]
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Rinkoo Gupta
AskIItians Faculty
4 months ago

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integral means
for a beginner integration can be told as process of calculation of area under any function and x axis, for example integarl of f(x)=x, between limits 0 to a , will give a^2/2 , which is...
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
thank u sir, for solving my problem
lokesh palingi 4 months ago
a) Integrate 1/(1 - x^4) b) Integrate 1/(1 + x^4)
integrate the first one by partial fractions method... (1-x^4) = (1-x^2)(1+x^2) and proceed....
Varun Acharya 7 months ago
multiply numerator and denominator by 1- x^4 ... put x^4 = sinx
neeraj agarwal 6 months ago
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Jitender Singh 2 days ago
The maximum value of sin(x + p / 6) + cos(x + p / 6) in the interval (0, p / 2) is attained at x = p / 2 p / 3 p / 6 p / 12
I think the answer is p/3
Jitender Pal 7 months ago
no I dont think this is correct.. can you give me logic how did that.
Dherendra Kumar 7 months ago
i think the answer is p/6
Neelima 7 months ago
Find the locus of the focus of an ellipse with major axis 4 and Minor axis 2, which touches both the co-ordinate axes... Kindly Answer My question.... And also the one that I have posted...
Thanks and Regards, Ajay verma, askIITians faculty, IIT HYDERABAD
Ajay Verma 5 months ago
Sir, What if the ellipse touches the co-ordinate axes not in the way that you have mentioned but in a slanted way, ie., such that the major axis makes some angle with the x-axis (like when...
Pranjal K 5 months ago
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