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Integral of cosec-1 x 

In above it is cosec inverse x.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Pankaj,

Take cosec^-1 x=sin^-1 1/x then see where do the function changes its value from one integer to another within the limits and then integrate.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

4 years ago

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I made a mistake in my previous post. I need help with the integral
very lengthy question... assuming you are not a mathematitian and are studying for marks, here is a tip, if you see this type of long question, quickly skip it, it doesnt matter if you can...
Asim one month ago
The value of the integral is:
jagdish singh singh 6 months ago
there is a ques. in the image. i`m unable to understand its solution proper. will you help me?
where is the image......................................................................................???????????????????????????????????????????????///
Niranjan 5 months ago
if a,b,c are positive real numbers such that loga/(b-c) = logb/(c-a) = logc/(a-b) then proove that a (b+c) + b ( c+a) + c (a+b) >= 3 a (a) + b (b ) + c (c) >= 3
vikas yadav i see you have tried to answer the previous question also posted by me ...but that i had posted wrongly ther eal question is this and it has a b+c not a b-c as you might have...
Sukalpa Mishra 7 days ago
loga/(b-c) = logb/(c-a) = logc/(a-b) = k (let)(b-c)(loga)/(b-c)^2 = ka^(b-c) = e^(k(b-c)^2)......................(1)Similarly,c^(a-b) = e^(k(a-b)^2)....................(2)b^(c-a) =...
vikas yadav 7 days ago
perimeter of ellipse??/
Hi, Its difficult to calculate the exact perimeter/ circumference of the ellipse. Hence there are many approximations to this formula. One such approximation is, Perimeter = 2*pi sqrt((a 2 +...
Vijay Mukati 10 months ago
if A,B,C are mutually perpendicular prove that C×(A×B)=0 Also A,B,C are vectors
Dear Student, If A, B and C are mutually perpendicular then, A x B will be the vector perpendicular to both A and B i.e. C only. Now C x C = 0 because the cross product of two same vectors...
Vijay Mukati 7 months ago
If A, B and C are mutually perpendicular then, A x B will be the vector perpendicular to both A and B i.e. C only. Now C x C = 0 because the cross product of two same vectors is zero....
Ankit Jaiswal 3 months ago
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