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Integral of cosec-1 x 

In above it is cosec inverse x.

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Pankaj,

Take cosec^-1 x=sin^-1 1/x then see where do the function changes its value from one integer to another within the limits and then integrate.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

3 years ago

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please tell me a book for integration which help me in deep studies hurry
grenade 4 months ago
GN BERMAN (russian author) this book consist of all types of questions the book might cost you 100 or you can prefer errrorless book approve if useful
Gman Namg 4 months ago
is this book will be correct
Gman Namg 4 months ago
intigret cos2x.sin4x/cos^4x(1+cos^2 2x)
cos2x sin4x/[cos 4 x(1+cos 2 2x)] can be written as tanx – 16cos 3 x sin 3 x / [cos 4 x(3+cos4x)] ∫tanx dx = sec 2 x put cos 4 x/(3+cos4x) = t then – 16cos 3 xsin 3 x/(3+cos4x) 2 dx = dt ∫– ...
Y RAJYALAKSHMI one year ago
Sorry, Pl. ignore, this is a wrong solution
Y RAJYALAKSHMI one year ago
integrate the following integral ∫ cos^4 (2x) dx
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below
Jitender Singh one year ago
i=∫cos 4 x i=∫ cos4x+1/2> 2 i=1/4×∫1+cos 2 4x+2cos4x i=1x/4 +1/4 i=1/2
pavansai one year ago
x=a sec cubic theta tan theta y=b tan cubic theta sec theta then find sin square theta is equals to
sin squrare theta will be equal to ay/bx.
Vijay Mukati 2 months ago
divide both and then expand sec and tan you will get sin2@ in equation.
akash 2 months ago
how to find the area of a triangle with given eqations of 3 lines.....? i cannot understand the determinant method also what is a determinant
Hint: With the given 3 equaitons of lines of triangle, we can easily find the three coordinates of the triangle. Then by using the formula by determinant method, simply put the values of the...
Vijay Mukati 2 months ago
Buy the NTSE related book and start solving the question from it. You can also join us by taking the classes for the NTSE preparation. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
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