Integral of cosec-1 x 

In above it is cosec inverse x.

2 years ago


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Dear Pankaj,

Take cosec^-1 x=sin^-1 1/x then see where do the function changes its value from one integer to another within the limits and then integrate.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

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2 years ago

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integration of- 1/(1-x 2 (1-x 2 ) 1/2 )dx = ?
assume x = sin , dx = cos d so 1 – x^2 = cos^2 so integration becomes sec^2 d = tan = tan (sin-1 x)
Suraj Prasad one month ago
Hi Student The problem is not visible. Please post it again and limit as a sum is just conversion of integration to summation form. I will be able to explain more properly if you post the...
Harsh Patodia 2 days ago
please answer rest of the problems posted …....
bharat makkar 2 days ago
in numerator first term is e raise to power integral part of x ….....please explain anyone please ...please...
Hi, Convert the expression into e^2x ( by eliminating the e^-x term) Now analyse. The denominator is always positive. Demoninator > Numberator always. Ie. values are less than 1. So not...
Yash Baheti one month ago
if 2CosA = x+1//x and 2CosB = y+1/y then find 2cos(A+B) (A) x/y +y/x (B) x/y-y/x (C) 2y/x (D) 2x/y
Solve these as quadratic equations in x & y so that you get x = cosA + i sinA & cosA – i sinA; y = cosB + i sinB & cosB – isinB If x = cosA + i sinA then 1/x = cosA – i sinA ; y = cosB + i...
hey the ques you have given is not correct the answer for the ques you have given is xy + 1/xy The answer for 2cos ( A – B ) is x/y + y/x This can proved by the similar method of using x and...
Kaustubh Nayyar 6 days ago
sorry there is a mistake in my typing in question ie 2cos A= x + 1/x
divyanshu 7 days ago
Find all real values of m for which the inequalty mx 2 - 4x + 3m + 1 >0 is satisfied for all positive x.
Hello Student, Please find the solution The value of this quadratic is always positive (>0) So graph will always be above x-axis therefore the condition will be :- D>0 and a>0...
Nishant Vora one month ago
can we say that tan pi/8=sinpi/8//cospi/8
yes , why not why do you think that it may not be so??
Kaustubh Nayyar 10 days ago
tan pi/2 = (tan pi/4 + tan pi/4)/ (1 – tan pi/4. tan pi/4) this is considered as not defined also sin pi/2 / cos pi/2 is considered not defined any trignometric ratio with denomitor zero is...
Kaustubh Nayyar 9 days ago
how can we furthur solve using this method and find the value ?actually my teacher in scool told that this is wrong when i wrote it in exam?
ash jai 10 days ago
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