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Integration of [ sec-1x]  where [.] denotes the greatest integer function

It denotes secant inverse x

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Pankaj,

I think the detaisl given are incomplete .

you must also give the limit of integration so that it can be solved.

take sec^-1 x=cos^-1 1/x then see where do the function changes its value from one integer to another within the limits and then integrate

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

3 years ago

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plz. answer the attached question with explanation. thank you
In the question in denomiator it should be [x 2 ] Find your answer below in the image.
Harsh Patodia 5 days ago
thanks for your help!
sufi digital 4 days ago
evaluate the following integral ∫ sin 2x / a cos^2 (x) + b sin^2 (x) dx
Ans: Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 6 months ago
integration of logx2
log x 2 = 2 logx and integration of logx is =xlogx – x,,using ILATE so the answer is 2(xlogx -x)
himanshu pandey one month ago
log x 2 = 2 log x So its answer is = 2( x logx + x ) Please approve if you like it
Shivam Chopra 2 months ago
solve for x cos x +cos y +cos(x+y) = -3/2 please explain step by step as i am a begineer .please try to answer asap?
Ans: Your question seems to be incomplete. What is y. Is it variable or constant? If it is variable, then you need to specify the relation b/w x & y. After that, you can simply open the...
Jitender Singh 8 months ago
sir y is a variable and we need to solve it not only for x but for y also please help?
rashmi 8 months ago
Hello, I would like to ask you that do you only entertain Indians or also other nationalities? Thanks.
this forum is for all over the world student, most of our student are NRIs , so its for all of you.
Sher Mohammad 8 months ago
the image of the point (2,-1) with respect to the point (1,-4)
Let (x,y) be image of point (2,-1) (1,-4) will be mid point of (x,y) and (2,-1) x+2 = 2 y-1= -8 x=0 y= -7
Harsh Patodia 7 days ago
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