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  • ∫sec2x√tanx .dx

7 years ago


Answers : (1)



I = ∫sec2x√tanx .dx

 let tan x = t^2

 then, sec^2x dx = 2t dt

        (1+ t^4)  dx = 2t dt

                    dx = 2t / (1+ t^4)   dt

  & cos 2x = 2 cos^2  x   -  1

               = 2 ( 1/  1+ t^4 )  ^2    -1  

                = 2 /  1+ t^4   -1

                =  1- t^4 /  1+ t^4

so   , sec 2x  =  1+ t^4 / 1- t^4

  put these values in I

   I = ∫   { 1+ t^4 / 1- t^4 } . t . {2t / (1+ t^4) } dt

       = ∫ 2 t^2 / 1- t^4    dt

 which can easily be evaluated by partial fraction








7 years ago

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Hi, Please post complete question then we would be happy to help you! Thanks
Nishant Vora one month ago
Hi,, Can you please explain what isI(2) and I(3) in the question Thanks
Nishant Vora one month ago
what are the limits of integration
Nishant Vora one month ago
kindly check the image attached give the solutio with full explaination
According to me you should try to put cosx = t and thus it will convert in simple integration of t^8, but remember to change to change the limits of the integration.
HIMANSHU SAXENA 2 months ago
Question in the attachment.............................................
Take y as as a constant as the integeration is in x. and apply By-Part taking sinpx term as First term and e^-xy as second term. U would have to use by part two times. try and check.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Vikas TU you are right, use by parts property of integration taking first term as sin(px) and 2 nd term as e^(-xy)
HIMANSHU SAXENA 2 months ago
Arrange root 3 , cube root 4, 4th root 5 in ascending order.
Hii raise all of them to a common power and make sure that you after raising them to a common power you just compare the bases of exponents .You will get the answer
Sourabh Singh one month ago
In class 12, just few months left.. So just brushing up few topics. Need help with this complex number sum. Thank you.
Hello, I understand the situation. But unfortunately Your question in the attachement is blurred. It’s not clearly visible. So pls repost it this time try to type the question by yourself...
Vikas TU 28 days ago
Write direction ratios of the vector a = i + j − 2k and hence calculate its direction cosines?
Note that direction ratios a, b, c of a vector r = x i + yj + zk are just the respective components c, y and z of the vector. So, for the given vector, we have a = 1, b=1, c= –2. Further,...
KUNCHAM SAMPATH 10 months ago
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