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Solve integral of    [(cos 2 2x) / cos 2 x ]  dx

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


{cos2x/cos(x)}^2 = {(2cos^2(x)-1)/cosx}^2

=> {2 cosx-secx}^2 = {4(cosx)^2+(secx)^2-4}

=> {2{2(cosx)^2 -1} -2 +(secx^2)}

=> 2cos(2x)dx -2dx +9secx)^2dx

=> integral of {cos2x/cos(x)}^2 = integral of 2cos(2x)dx -2dx +9secx)^2dx

= sin(2x) -2x +tan(x)+c.
7 years ago

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sir please tell what is the integration of sin9x / sinx?
jagdish singh singh 2 months ago
prove that integration of 1/x is logx. how should i prove that..
this is based on knowledge of 1/x is of the form of x**-1.differntiation in a nutshell is the opposite of integration. so as d/dx of ln(x) is 1/x.hence integral of 1/x is...
parchan 6 months ago
Intrigate (1÷logx)-(1÷(logx)^2) upper limit e lower limit 2
U could easily break the integration in two parts ; when u would integrate this by using part function(Taking 1 as 2 nd function) , it will get cancelled(other part) and u would end up with ...
2017 years ago
In a certain town 25% families own a cell phone , 15% own a scooter and 65% won neither a cell or scooter . If 2000 families own both cell phone and scooter then the total no of families in...
3. 40,000 families are there in the town.It can be solved through Venn diagram.Their intersection comprises 5% I.e, 2000 families. And the remaining are 20% cell phone and 10 % scooter.
Shaswata Biswas one month ago
can you pls tell me the book which is good for calculus
@ karan frst of all complete your ncert , then do the exercises as well as miscellenous given in the ncert , then switch up to exempler and solve each and every question their . after that...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
Depends on what is your goal. If you goal is to prepare for board exams then you dont need to look beyond NCERT provided you solve all problems includng excempler problems If its IIT Mains...
Ajay 3 months ago
i think best book for calculus are thomson calculus and objectiv mathematics volume 2 written by rd sharma
SREEKANTH 4 months ago
For x belongs to(0,180),the equation sinx+2sin2x−sin3x=3 has how many solutions?
Hii Use the combination of sinx−sin3x to write it into format of sin2x . You will get the values of it in terms of product from where you can find out the answer
Sourabh Singh 3 months ago
jagdish singh singh 2 months ago
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