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(a) int of -arc tan root x is

(b) int of-cos^4 x is


7 years ago


Answers : (1)


(a)  int of: tan-1x1/2.dx

take tan-1x1/2 = t

dx/(1+x).2x1/2 = dt

so tan t = x1/2  or x = tan2x

= int of: 2t.tan t(1+tan2t).dt

= int of: 2t.tan t.sec2t.dt

integrating by parts gives :

= 2 [ t.tant2t/2 - int( (tan2t) /2 .dt) ]

= t.tan2t - int( (sec2t) -1).dt

= t.tan2t - tan t + t +C  

=x.tan-1x1/2 - x1/2 + tan-1x1/2 + C

=(x+1)tan-1x1/2 - x1/2  + C :where C is constant



(b)  int of: cos^4x.dx

Note that:   1 + cos 2A = 2cos2A

so  1 + cos 2x = 2cos2x

   =int of :  ((1 + cos 2x) / 2 )2

   = int of :  1/4*(1 + 2cos 2x+ cos22x).dx

   = int of :  [ 1/4*(1 + 2cos 2x).dx +1/8*(1 + cos 4x).dx ]

   =x/4 + sin 2x /4 +x/8 +sin 4x /32 +C where C is constant


   =3x/8 + (sin 2x)/4 + (sin 4x)/32 +C         :where C is constant

7 years ago

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Please give me an answer for this question where I cannot integrate
Hi You can break it at all the integral points and then you can integrated this like shown in this image
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
Estimate the value of the solid sphere of radius 4..............................................?
I thin its volume. Volume of the solid sphere = 4/3 * pi* r3 put r = 4 and get the volume calculated itself in cm^3 for radii in cm.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Please it would be grateful if anybody could tell me the integration of xtan(x)dx
As it will result in the recursive equation and therefore it will be requried to convert into some special function.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
I will try to provide it whenever I will be free. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
HIint. Please use the product rule for the integration here. Consider the x as 1 st term and tanx as second. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
Please my doubt . Also pls suggest any graphical way to solve this out . It's urgent . Thankyou
The Graph of this function can be plotted using online tool Search desmos in google Unfortunately this website does not allow attachments for answers hence cannot post how graph looks like. ...
Ajay 4 months ago
You re welcome neha. Regarding books, Cengage has good reviews online, but I have not personally refered to it so cant comment on sufficiency of that book. I hope cengage book should have...
Ajay 3 months ago
I hope you want to ask why domain of arcsin cannot be greater than 1. by definition of inverse function the the domain of arcsin = range of sin function. Now range of sin function is [-1, 1 ...
Ajay 3 months ago
if 1+sin a =9 cos a then 5(1-cos a)= sin a 2 sin a 4 isn a tan a
1+sin a =9 cos a Divide by cosa to the whole eqn., seca + tana = 9 seca = 9 – tana sq. both sides, sec^2a = 81 + tan^2a – 18tana 1 + tan^2a = 81 – 18tana + tan^2a tan^2a got cancel. 80 =...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
lim(x->a) [(xsina-asinx) /(x-a) ]=sina-acosa........ PROOF
lim [ (xsin(a) - asin(x)) / (x - a) ] x -> a We have to use L`Hospital`s rule to solve this. This means we take the derivative of each of the top and bottom and calculate a new limit. Keep...
rahul kushwaha 26 days ago
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