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what is intigration of 1/(1+x^4)

5 years ago


Answers : (2)


its lower limit is 0 and pper limit is infinity

5 years ago

I = 1/1+x4 dx

 2I = [  2/1+x4]dx

divide nume and denom by  x2

2I = [ 2/x2 /(x2 +1/x2)]dx

2I = (1/x2+1) /[x2+1/x2] dx   +  (1/x2 -1)/[x2+1/x2]dx

2I                            =          (1+1/x2)/[(x-1/x)2+2] dx                 +       (1/x2 -1)/[(x+1/x)2-2] dx

2I                            =                            I1                                     +                     I2

 2I                           =              I1 = 1+1/x2 /[(x-1/x)2+2]dx                  +                  I2 =  (1/x2 -1)/[(x+1/x)2 -2]dx

 2I                           =                put  here   (x-1/x) = t                               &                      put  (x+1/x) = u

 2I                           =                  I1 = dt/[t2+2]                                           +                 I2 = -dt/[u2 -2]

2I                            =        I1 = [tan-1(t/sqrt2)]/sqrt2                      +                 I2 = log(u+sqrt2/u-sqrt2)/2sqrt2      +c

2I                           =       I1 = 1/sqrt2.tan-1(x2-1/xsqrt2)          +         I2 = 1/2sqrt2 .log(x2+1+xsqrt2/x2+1-xsqrt2) + c

this is the required result


5 years ago

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Integration x^2 (xsec^2x+tanx)/(xtanx+1)dx equals1. -x^2/(xtanx+1)+c2. 2log|xsinx+cosx|+c3. --×^2/(xtanx+1)+2log|xsinx+cosx|+c
Above process is wrong , May be you mean
jagdish singh singh one month ago
jagdish singh singh one month ago
find the area of the figure bounded by the curves y=|x-1| and y=3-|x|.
Solution in the figure
Riddhish Bhalodia 8 months ago
using integrals can u explain?? please explain me the diagram too..what r the points of intersection??
mansi 8 months ago
What is the integration x^3×cosx^3dxPlease give me the answer
write x^3×cosx^3dx as: x*x^2*cosx^3dx => let x^2 = u 2xdx = du I = u*cos(u^(3/2)) Apply now by – part easily then after substitute u in the end.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Plz help me solve this question. It is from chapter limits and derivatives . I did not find that in the list,
Krishna, write your questions that you want to ask, to related to limits and derivative. But you studied the defnition of limits and derivative clearly.
Kumar one month ago
Try desmos (Google it ) ... It is used to graph the function.. Then you can set y as a parameter and then you will see that the function as x-> 0 the graph tends to infinity (for some values...
rishabh 17 days ago
Kumar the question is lim x--> 0 ((y^2 - (y-x)^2)^1/x). / (8xy - 4x^2 + (8xy)^1/2)^3 I have also attached the image of it with the question please take a look
Sujith krishna one month ago
a variable straight AB intersecting the x and y axes at A & B always passes through a fixed point(a,b).Find the locus of the point dividing AB in 2:1
jagdish singh singh 7 days ago
jagdish singh singh 7 days ago
Sum of the digits of the number (10 4n2+8 +1) 2 , where n is a positive integer is ?
Hii Be it any number just calculate the total number of zeros that will precede the unit digit in the number eg 101*101 = 10201 1001 *1001 =1002001 10001*10001 = 100020001 Hence in any case...
Sourabh Singh 25 days ago
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