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				   1 / (e^x + 1)

What is the solution? I also want to know somethng related to solving integration... When I look at a problem, i dunno how to solve it... bu wen i look at the solution steps then i m able to understand the steps. wat is the problem that i shud overcome so that i can solve problems?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Mohini

let e^x + 1=t

then e^x dx=dt

so dx/e^x+1=dt/e^x*t=dt/(t-1)t=dt/t-1-dt/t

∫dt/t-1-dt/t=ln(t-1/t)+c=ln(e^x/e^x + 1)+c

Good Luck


Abhinav Batra

6 years ago

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Integration is an matematical Operation used to caluclate the area or volume of any given region/object.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
mathamatical defination ..the computation of a definite integral, a fundamental concept of calculus, which allows, among many other uses, computing areas and averaging continuous functions. ...
kalyan 4 months ago
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SREEKANTH 4 months ago
my test is day after tomorrow give me advice please
go to bed at time and donot study till late night health is wealth so take a balanced diet no new concepts at this time just proper sleep and fresh mind helps you to give your best best of...
SAHIL 6 months ago
Which property used for above solution i didnot understand clearky pls clarify me
Dear student Your question is not complete.Please type the correct question in order to get a to-the-point answer.
Bhavya 6 months ago
Hii Your question is incomplete.Kindly repost the question and we will get back at you
Sourabh Singh 6 months ago
Pl type the complete question..
Saurabh Kumar 6 months ago
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Umakant biswal one month ago
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Ankit Jaiswal one month ago
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