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integral(f(t)dt) 0 to x==epow(x)-c*epow(2x)integral(f(t)epow(-t)dt     [where c s a constant]......HERE F  S A CONT FUNCTION AND g is a function satisfying dg/dx-glng =gf(x)  with g(0)=1.. find value of c... PLZ SOLVE TIS PROBLEM AND GIV GEN LEIBNITZ RULE FOR FUNCTION OF FORM F(X,T).

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

I am not able to interpret your query. Please write down the problem clearly so that I can provide you the meaningful answer.
Thanks & Regards
Pankaj Singh
askIITians Faculty
2 years ago

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how to integrate this ? please give me solution to this queston. thanks
We can use integration by partial fraction here
Nishant Vora one month ago
How the limits in a problem -pi/3 to + pi/3 can be changed
U will havee to check first if the given function to itegerate is even or odd? If it is odd then the integeral becomes zero automatically. If it is even then, he integeral becomes: 2*f(x)dx ...
Vikas TU 4 months ago
sir i am looking for the solution of the integration of following functin dx/ ((x-1)^2. (x+1)^4)1/3
1/((x+1)^2*(x-1)^4)^1/3 => Integration is: (1/144)*( – 4(3x^3 – 6x^2 + x + 4)/(x-1)^3(x+1) – 6log(x-1) + 6log(x+1))
Vikas TU 4 months ago
Having problem in solving even simple question of vectors please help
Nothing is there in vectors learn the simple basics in vectors,and also learn the formula , pls solve that problem in 2 or 3 times, you get knowledge about vectors. and you solve the...
mohan 6 months ago
try to learn basics perfectly in verctors and understand the concept correctly. Vectors concept is very easy to understand nothing is there listen carefully when your lecturors are telling
Prabhakar ch 6 months ago
What will will come when we differentiate acceleration
when we deferentiate the acceleration we get the jerk.
RAMCHANDRARAO 9 months ago
I`m probably just being a jerk but you didn`t specify what you are differentiating with respect to.If you differentiate acceleration as a function of distance from (say) the moon, you`ll get...
rahul kushwaha 22 days ago
MR. PRABHAKAR its nothing but “JERK“, and its a sudeen movement if u want an example then when u r travelling in the bus if driver puts a sudden brake there is movement in u i.e, jeRk
Dheeru chowdary 9 months ago
If X= {4 n – 3n -- 1:n belongs to N} and Y= {9(n-1): n belongs to N}, where N is the set of Natural numbers, prove that X U Y = Y
OK. If set A is a subset of set B, then AUB=B. In this question, set Y={9(n-1)}. Y={0,9,18,27.....} In other words, Y is a set of elements that are divisible by 9. Set X={4 n -3n-1}. To...
Akshay one year ago
4 n =(3+1) n = nC0 + nC1*3 1 + nC2 * 3 2 + nC3 * 3 3 +........+ nCn * 3 n , Take nC0 and nC1*3 on left hand side, x=nC2 *9 + nC3*27...... + nCn *3 n , hence x is always divisible by 9, So...
Akshay one year ago
4 n =(3+1) n = nC0 + nC1*3 1 + nC2 * 3 2 + nC3 * 3 3 +........+ nCn * 3 n , Take nC0 and nC1*3 on left hand side, x=nC2 *9 + nC3*27...... + nCn *3 n , hence x is always divisible by 9, So...
Akshay one year ago
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