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Anomalous Behavior of Carbon:-

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


Anomalous Behavior of Carbon:- Carbon being the first member of group 14 possess  remarkable anomalies from its other group elements on account of

a)  Its small size

b)  Its high ionization energy

c)   Its high electronegativity

d)  Non-availablity of vacant d orbitals

e)  Its unique property of catenation.

Following are some noteworthy differences:

i)             Carbon is quite hard. Diamond is the hardest substance while other members are soft.

ii)           Melting point and of carbon are very high in comparison to other family members.

iii)          Carbon possesses maximum tendency for catenation in its family and is the only element which forms multiple bonds with S, N and O etc.

iv)          Graphite another form of carbon is soft and is a good conductor of current.

v)           CO2 is gas while dioxides of other family members are solid.

vi)          Due to non availability of vacant d orbitals, it cannot exceeds its coordination number to more than four. Its therefore carbon never forms complexes e.g., does not exist but exists. Also SiCl4 shows hydrolysis, CCl4 does not.

vii)        Carbon has the highest ionization energy in its family.

viii)       It is the most electronegative element of carbon family.

ix)          Carbon does not react with NaOH like other members.

x)           Monoxide of carbon is neutral and gas. Other monoxides are amphoteric and solid.

7 years ago

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