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explain the hybridisation of [Cr(CN)6]3- and also of [Mn(CN)6]3-


5 years ago


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                                        Please find the attached file of answer.

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Askiitians Faculty

one year ago

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it is difficult to calculate internal energy U ,however ∂U can be easily determined why??explain with example
According to Einstein's equation U=mc 2 we can calculate absolute energy of a body,but in this expresssion the term c 2 reffered to the energy of any system which is quite large and...
Aarti Gupta 5 months ago
Deepak Bohra 5 months ago
what are oxygenated ions?
dimethyl ether and oxygen
badugu omkar 3 months ago
dimethyl ether and oxygen
badugu omkar 3 months ago
Which gas has the highest partial pressure in atmosphere? CO 2 H 2 O O 2 N 2​ ​pplzz explain how.....
in my opinion answer should be N2 as partial pressure depends on the critical temperature of gas and nitrogen has more critical temp so it will not be easily dissolvable approve if useful
ng29 23 days ago
How we come to know that Nitrogen has more critical temp?
Aditya Sharma 22 days ago
How can i make propane from decarboxylation reaction?
decarboxylate butonoic acid
Sangarshanan Veera 4 months ago
From CH3-CH2-CH2-COO_Na+
Jacob james 3 months ago
confrigational isomers is use
Pls type complete question..
Saurabh Kumar 16 days ago
please clarify the question correctly
akshat 15 days ago
how can we say pure water is weak electrolyte
Pure water containing no exogenous ions is an excellent insulator, but not even "deionized" water is completely free of ions. Water undergoes auto-ionization in the liquid state,...
Raheema Javed 6 months ago
Electrolyte is defined as a substance which when dissolved in water,resulting in solution which conducts electricity.Electrolyte contains free ions and these ions are responsible for...
Aarti Gupta 6 months ago
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