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explain the hybridisation of [Cr(CN)6]3- and also of [Mn(CN)6]3-


5 years ago


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                                        Please find the attached file of answer.

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Askiitians Faculty

one year ago

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What is Fluid Magnesia ?
Kruse's Fluid Magnesia Solution (indigestion, reflux and stomach ulcer medicines)is a brand of medicine containing the active ingredientmagnesium (indigestion, reflux and stomach ulcer...
Komal 26 days ago
Magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH) 2 is called milk of magnesia or fluid magnesia.
Adarsh 25 days ago
the pair of elemets which forms a compound with maximum ionic character is: ​a) Na & C ​b)Cs and F c)Cs and I d)Na and Cl
B- Cs and F as clearly Cs is most electropositive element and F is most electronegative element and they form most ionic product
daksh 2 months ago
for max ionic character large size of cation and small size of anion so answer is CsF APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 2 months ago
NH 3 and BF 3 form an adduct readily because they form. _______- type of bond?
Coordinate bond
Maseeh ur Rahman 2 months ago
can u give little explanation
mansi dabriwal 2 months ago
which would be the perfect book for the prepraion of organic chemistry only 1
sn sanyal is best for reactions , reagents and mechanisms and for doing questions if u required then i will reccomend u HIMANSHU PANDEY these are best books and contains aall imp of organic ...
ng29 one month ago
ms chouhan
grenade one month ago
O P tandon organic chemistry
Sahil Sawant one month ago
sir i would like to know how to find the n factor from a chemical reaction? i would like to have a more clear explanation please !!!
n factor means number of equivalents per litre of solutionequivalents means the mass of the element over its valency, mass for the compound over its shared electronsso to calculate the n...
grenade one month ago
n factor is just change in oxidation state of particular element in compund during reaction for instance , Cr +3 --------------------------Cr +6 here chromium changes its oxidation state by ...
ng29 one month ago
Do you think we all are non living? do you think we all are non living with complex structures as we all are made up of elements working in complex manner by chemical reaction...but we...
Hello Akansha, You have asked a very good question. All the living and non-living objects are made up of the fundamental particles atoms, molecules and sub atomic particles. In a living...
Pankaj 3 months ago
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