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what is the difference between valency and the oxidation state of an element?

5 years ago


Answers : (1)

                                        Oxidation state and charge are pretty much the same thing, it is a statement on the difference between the number of protons and electrons found in each atom or ion. 

Valency is ALMOST the same thing. Valency is the number of electrons in the outer shell of an atom and usually tells how many electrons may interact with other atoms in forming bonds.

Since it is the outer electrons that tend to be removed during oxidation, then valency is a good way of predicting oxidation states. This is not always true, however, but do not focus on the exceptions, focus rather on what these terms mean.
5 years ago

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Dative bond is not involved during : a)protonation of ether b)Dissolution of HCl in water c)Dimerisation of benzoic acid d)formation of Be 2 Cl 4
yeah actually it should be c. becl2 exists as a dimer be2cl4 and hence involves co ordinate bond. dimerization of benzoic acid involves hydrogen bonding
sanika muley 3 months ago
co ordinate bond is also known as dative bond. i guess the answer should be (d).
sanika muley 3 months ago
ans. given in the book is c.
mansi dabriwal 3 months ago
PbI 4 does not exist because
The Iodide reduces the lead to Pb(II) and the Pb oxidizes the Iodide to Iodine (I2). Since iodide is not a strong enough reducing agent to reduce Pb(II) to Pb, the ionic compoundPbI2 is...
Komal 2 months ago
bigger size of iodine cause of the reducing nature of the iodine thus it would reduce lead to form the compound PbI2
grenade 2 months ago
Explain the concept of banana/tau bonding.
Bananas are fun things, those of you who might have thought that I have changed into Sean Banancan relax and breathe easy again. I am here to talk about the banana bond. This is the informal...
Harishwar 9 months ago
It was a bit complicated.. However.. I have read that Banana bond is a result of partial sharing of two hydrogen atoms by two boron atoms.. And the bent that appears, is it because of the...
ANMOL SETH 8 months ago
how to find n-factor of h3po3
n-factor of an acid is defined as the number of H+ions replaced by 1 mole of acid in a reaction.However n-factor for acid is not equal to its basicity i.e. the number of moles of replaceable...
Aarti Gupta 19 days ago
Please help in sloving this question - Determine the de Broglie’s wavelength of electron emitted by a metal whose treshold frequency is 2.25 * 10 14 Hz when exposed to visible radiation of...
please use the equation lamda =h/( 2mKE) where KE is kinetic energy of electron. we get KE by sbtracting threshold energy from energy of radiation ie; energy of radiation -threshold energy...
abhishek kumar 4 days ago
please use the equation lamda=h/
abhishek kumar 4 days ago
Do you think we all are non living? do you think we all are non living with complex structures as we all are made up of elements working in complex manner by chemical reaction...but we...
Hello Akansha, You have asked a very good question. All the living and non-living objects are made up of the fundamental particles atoms, molecules and sub atomic particles. In a living...
Pankaj 4 months ago
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