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what is the difference between valency and the oxidation state of an element?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

										Oxidation state and charge are pretty much the same thing, it is a statement on the difference between the number of protons and electrons found in each atom or ion. 

Valency is ALMOST the same thing. Valency is the number of electrons in the outer shell of an atom and usually tells how many electrons may interact with other atoms in forming bonds.

Since it is the outer electrons that tend to be removed during oxidation, then valency is a good way of predicting oxidation states. This is not always true, however, but do not focus on the exceptions, focus rather on what these terms mean.
6 years ago

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800 ml .5 molar aq solution of urea id diluted by adding water determine final molarity in each case of following case:A.1.2litre watet is added B.diluted to 3 litre. C.5 times diluted00 ml...
Simply apply M1V1 = M2V2 0.5 x 800 = M2 x 2000 M2 = 1/5 = 0.2 M. For 3 litre Final volume take 3800 ml. And so on for next part.
Vikas TU yesterday
what is chemical formula of borax?
Na2B4O7 10H2O
sanjay 11 months ago
the chemical formula of borax is NA 2 B 4 O 7 .10H 2 O
L GOUSE BASHA 10 months ago
SHANMUKESHWAR 10 months ago
what is the chemical formula of bleeching powder?
IUPAC name is Calcium hypochlorite .
Bleaching powder formula Ca(ClO) 2 Ca(ClO) 2 , calcium hypochlorite is called as bleaching powder or chlorine powderwhcih is used for the treatment of water or used as bleaching agent
A M S ARUN KRISHNA 11 months ago
chemical formula of bleaching powder is caocl 2 In bleaching powder the oxidation states of chlorines are +1 and -1
RAMCHANDRARAO 7 months ago
what is catination
chain forming capacity of carbon atom is called catanition
pa1 10 months ago
The ability of an element to form long chains with identical atoms of same element is called catenation . carbon has highest catenation power . Lead does not show any catenation . plz...
sri tanish 10 months ago
the capacity to form long chain compound with same element atoms are different element atoms is known as catenation carbon has more catenation capacity
kalyan 10 months ago
Which of the following salts get hydrolysed and why???? Nacl ,kcl ,nh4cl,na2so4
All the salt would be hydrolysed which are not having strong acid or strong base salt. Nh4cl only would be hydrolysed.
2016 years ago
why is ccl4 is insoluble in water ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Dileep, CCl4 is insoluable in water due to absence of d orbitals in carbon atom.Reamining are soluabule in water.
SAI SARDAR 6 months ago
Polar molecules: H2O and ammonia with unbalanced polar bonds in the molecule. a) Is carbon tetrachloride, CCl4 , soluble in water ? Insoluble : CCl4 is nonpolar only has London dispersive...
G.VENKATESH one month ago
hai dileep CCl4 is insoluable in water due to absence of d orbitals in carbon atom.Reamining are soluabule in watercci4 is not hydrolyse due to absence of d orbitals all the best for your...
raj 6 months ago
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