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which book is for preparing inorganic chem for iitjee???

4 years ago


Answers : (4)


1) O.P. Tandon

2) J.D. Lee

4 years ago

O.P.Tandon,J.D.Lee,CBSE Text Books.

4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago

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Calculate wavelength of an electron present in third excited state of helium ion?
@ suryansh can u able to recall the formula like the below n(wavelength)=circumferenc of orbit. this is the formula for calculating the energy of a electron if the electron is in a orbit ....
Umakant biswal one month ago
800 ml .5 molar aq solution of urea id diluted by adding water determine final molarity in each case of following case:A.1.2litre watet is added B.diluted to 3 litre. C.5 times diluted00 ml...
Simply apply M1V1 = M2V2 0.5 x 800 = M2 x 2000 M2 = 1/5 = 0.2 M. For 3 litre Final volume take 3800 ml. And so on for next part.
Vikas TU 28 days ago
Which book to refer for surface chemistry. ncert or any other reference book. this is urgent. With regards. Abhinav ojha
@ abhinav SURface chemistry chap donot have very good weightage in any competetive exams , but for 12 th boards they are quite imp . so, for that frst of all ncert is more than enough for...
Umakant biswal 11 days ago
First of all refer to your NCERT textbook and clear your concpets. Then for practise you can best go for Pradeep’s Chemistry for all types of questions and p.bahadur for numericals which...
Shreyas Patil 11 days ago
Electronic transistion in He + ion takes place from n 1 to n 2 shell such that: 2n 2 +3n 1 =18 2 n 2 -3n1=6 What will be the totalno. of photons emitted when electron transit to n1 shell?
Dear Mudit, Remmeber these two formulaes: 1) Maximum no. of photons they eemits if they return to ground state is: n(n-1)/2 2) And for n2 to n1 level, formmulae is: (n2-n1)(n2-n1+1)/2 gives ...
Vikas TU 29 days ago
By solving I got n1=2 and n2=6 By applying the formula I got the answer 1 while the answer given in book is 10. So help me out with this.
Mudit 29 days ago
Solve both the eqns. and get the value of n1 and n2. Then to know total number of photons to n1 state, Apply the fomulae: n1(n1-1)/2
Vikas TU 29 days ago
Give the rules of nomenclature in organic chemistry with fully explanations ??????
chain having maximum no. of multiple bonds would be the main chain. Parent chain contains maximum no. of carbon atoms. Parent chain having more no. of substituents. Numbering is done in...
Vikas TU one month ago
Plz respond to my previous question i m really very confused and troubled@rishi
Hii Rishi What is your previous question . Could you post it agin so that we will be able to help you out .
Sourabh Singh 23 days ago
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