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which book is for preparing inorganic chem for iitjee???

3 years ago


Answers : (4)


1) O.P. Tandon

2) J.D. Lee

3 years ago

O.P.Tandon,J.D.Lee,CBSE Text Books.

3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago

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which book is better 1.JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE OR 2.Concise Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee highly useful for JEE aspirants. The best covered topics in JD Lee Inorganic Chemistry are Preparation and Properties of Compounds, Ores and Minerals, and...
Komal one month ago
1.JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE i am also reading it
grenade one month ago
saihemanth one month ago
what is the faraday’s equivalent of 9.8g of k2cr2o7 ?
here 6 is n- factor of k2cr207 (moles of electrons needed to reduce 1 mol. of k2cr2o7)
Abhishek Singh 6 months ago
moles of k2cr2o7 is= 9.8/294=1/30 moles eqvalents = 1/30*6=0.2
Abhishek Singh 6 months ago
for any type of chemical reaction what is necessary
1. feasiblity of a chemical reaction which can be precicted be thermodynamic as the gibbs free energy extent to which a reaction will proceed(chemical equillibrium) speed of reaction, the...
grenade 20 days ago
Nicho priyatham 20 days ago
hoe to name this compound plzz see the image below
3,3-dimethy 5-(1,1-diethyl) propyl decane
hemanshi 2 months ago
3,3-dimethy 5-(1,1-diethyl) propyl decane
Akash 2 months ago
The IUPAC name of the given compound is 3,3-Dimethyl-5-(2-ethyl)butylpropane
Adarsh one month ago
Sir , Why is time taken in themerodynamic process determine the reverseble or irreverseble process.
A thermodynamically reversible process is a slow process.For attaiming reversible cycle the process would have to be significantly slow so that the system be in equilibrium every time...
Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
ex-put some weight W on the piston and allow it to compress little by little by putting some weight by amount dW so that we can bring back the process to the previous stage.Each process will...
Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
Thanks for your answer, can you give me a example.
Vineeth 9 months ago
I have op tandon organic chemistry and solomons fryhle chemistry. WHich book should i read. OP tandon has only reaction whose mechanism are’nt there.So should i prefer solomon fryhle or op...
dont refer more forigen books refer those which are prepared for iit jee follow sanayal for mechnism n do practice from ms chouan or himinshu panday
Nicho priyatham 20 days ago
You may refer Modern’s ABC of Chemistry. It will help you grasp all the concepts with ease and give you ample scope of attempting numericals.
Rounak Datta 20 days ago
solomon frhyle is best book among ur choices u can do himanshu pandey for questions for practice it is very good book APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 19 days ago
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