group for cis and trans feerocene,tryphenylphosphine,I3-,,and napthlene

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Difference between common valence & group valence ?
Valency is the combining capacity of the particular element when it forms chemical compound or molecule. Element having the same valnecy are called common valence element.For ex-the valency...
Sunil Kumar FP 10 days ago
please give the simple relation between strengths of H2O2
hydrogen peroxide can be expressed in different strength.The strength can be described in two ways:= (1)Percentage strength (%) This tells you how much pure hydrogen peroxide is in the...
Sunil Kumar FP 12 days ago
Is dsp3 and sp3d hybridisation the same? Also, is dsp hybridisation possible?
dsp3 is an inner orbital hybridisation whereas sp3d is an inner orbital hybridisation.When(n-1)d orbital combines with n s orbital and np orbital we get dsp3 hybridisation whereas if nd...
Sunil Kumar FP 12 days ago
Main article: IUPAC nomenclature of organic chemistry Various names and depictions for one organic compound.
Hello student. I am not able to interpret your questions. If you are asking about that why there are different names for same compound in chemistry the answer is, there are two systems of...
Pankaj one month ago
O2 and SO2 are filled in a container by mass ratio 1.3 in a 3L container at 300 K. If the partial pressure of O2 is 0.6 atm, partial pressure of SO2 is?
Use the ideal gas equation pV=nRT for O2 gas: (pO2) x 3 = (m/32) x 0.0821 x 300 claculate mass of oxygen from above formula. mass of SO2 = 3 x mass of oxygen (pSO2) x 3 = (mS02/ 64) x 0.821...
Ramreddy 3 days ago
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