why are metals lustrous

2 years ago


Answers : (2)


Due to electronic oscillations.

2 years ago

Metal are lustrous because their bond type absorbs and emits a large amount of wavelengths (colors) creating white light. Thus, metals have shiny

2 years ago

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what are the units for first order reaction?
The units of "RATE CONSTANT(K)" for first order reaction is 1/second .(per second or second innverse)
G.Rajashekar 11 months ago
jayaram 11 months ago
Why is a person with high blood pressure asked to reduce salt!
Humans ingest sodium by eating salt in food and occasionally in medications. Most people will simply excrete excess sodium in the urine, and we also lose sodium and water through...
Sunil Kumar FP 19 days ago
What are its effects on temperature, effect on inert gases, effect on pressure ,etc?
inert gas are basically having fully filled orbital.so they are highly unreactive and there is small effect. i thinh you are asking equilibrium question. lee chatlers principle effect of...
Sunil Kumar FP 17 days ago
1)write bond line formula for tertiary butyl cyclo pentane. 2)convert benzene---P-Nitro Bromo Benzene
1. Bond Line Structure ofbutyl cyclo pentane. 2. Benzene to pera-nitro bromobenzene
Pankaj 13 days ago
why solubility of nitrates of alkali metals increases from top to bottom
all alkali metal nitrate are soluble in water.solubilty decrease because hydration energy decreases on going down bottom thanks and regards sunil kr askIITian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
Why +ve sign is present in hydronium ion?
hydronium ion is formed as H 2 O + H + ------------> H 3 O + since H 2 O has no charge so +ve sign comes from H + ions.
Ashwin 16 days ago
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