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                   why are metals lustrous

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


Due to electronic oscillations.

3 years ago

Metal are lustrous because their bond type absorbs and emits a large amount of wavelengths (colors) creating white light. Thus, metals have shiny

3 years ago

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???????Bragg’s law
The method developed by the Braggs (William and his son Lawrence, who later jointly won the Nobel Prize) is the foundation of almost all modern work in X-ray crystallography. They used a...
Gman Namg one month ago
n / |=2d sino n=order ofdiffraction, / |=wavelength of X-rays,d=distance btw two layers,o=angle of diffraction W.H.Bragg proposed this equation obtain a relation btw / \,n,d,o.
noogler one month ago
Braggs law; It states that the extra distance travelled by a wave is directly proportional to the wavelenght 2dsin θ = n λ d=interplanar distance θ=angle of incidence λ=wavelength
erra akhil one month ago
trick for learning periodic table faster
are u an indian origin boy(Hindi) or not indian(english)
grenade one month ago
Period 1 – H, HeThis is pretty simple.Mnemonics – Hi HelloPeriod 2 – Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, NeMnemonics – Little Betty Became Charlie’s Number One Freind and NeighbourPeriod 3 – Na, Mg, Al,...
grenade one month ago best here is the song
grenade one month ago
PH 3 has a tetrahedral or a trigonal pyramidral structure??
It is trigonal pyramidal, just like ammonia. Also, if you draw the structure of Ph3, you get sp2 + 1 lone pair which corresponds to the trigonal pyramidal structure.
riya 4 months ago
You are partly right. Look at page 111 and 112. See basically, it all depends on the lone pair. Since there is a lone pair, it’ll be trigonal pyramidal. (BECAUSE OF THE LONE PAIR) if there...
riya 4 months ago
whats the molecule type? is it AB 3 E n if it is then in the ncert the structure for AB 3 E is tetrahedral.
jaffrey 4 months ago
Calculate molarity of water
1 liter would weigh 1 kg. this mass is divided by the molecular weight of water(18.0152g/mol) gives 55.5 moles molarity of water is 55.5 mole/litre
A M S ARUN KRISHNA 24 days ago
mole concept and n-factor
Check the links for mole concept and n factor
Avinash 3 days ago
State functions and exact differentials We saw in Section 2.2 that a ‘state function’ is a property that is independent of how a sample is prepared. In general, such properties are...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 6 days ago
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