I want some one help me by answering the question in this lab sheet report question, plz asap coz the due date tomorrow.




thank u so much

2 years ago


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Is this related to IIT,

Its not clearly visible


2 years ago

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which element turns lead acetate paper black?
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) turns lead acetate paper black. Thanks & Regards, Ruchi Shaw askIITians faculty
Ruchi Shaw 6 months ago
H 2 S turn lead acetate paper black. Thanks & Regards Mukesh Sharma askIITians Faculty
Mukesh Sharma 6 months ago
how to prepare the my sem exams . in orgaanick chemistry please give my answer quickly
teliyakunte telusukonicheoou
G vamsinath reddy 8 months ago
naaku teliyadu
chiru 8 months ago
What is the maximum numbers of electrons that can be associated with the following set of quantum numbers? n = 3, l = 1 and m = − 1.
Vasantha Kumari one month ago
n = 3, Main shell = 3 rd l = 1, Subshell is p which has p x , p y , p z as suborbitals of which m=-1 can be any one Using Pauli’s exclusion principle, each p i will have 2 electrons of spin...
Manas Satish Bedmutha one month ago
although using pauli’s exclusion principle the correct answer should be 2,as these electrons will have a unique set of 3,1,-1,1/2 and 3,1,-1,-1/2. However an answer infinity is also possible...
siddharth gupta one month ago
what is cycloalkanes
Cycloalkanes (also called naphthalene , but distinct from naphthalene ) are types of hydrocarbon compounds that have one or more rings of carbon atoms in the C hemical Structure of their...
Nirmal Singh. 3 months ago
cycloalkane are type of hydrocarbon that have one or more ring of carbon atom in the chemical structure of their molecule. formula-CnH2(n+1-g) n=no nof carbon atom g= no of ring ex...
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
alkanes having more than 2 carbon atoms and arranged in the cylic manner
akarsh 3 months ago
What is octane number?
Octane number is also known as Octane rating. It is a figure indicating the anti-knock properties of a fuel, based on a comparison with a mixture of isooctane and heptane. Regards, Nirmal...
Nirmal Singh. 4 months ago
Definition: Octane number is a value used to indicate the resistance of a motor fuel to knock. Octane numbers are based on a scale on which isooctane is 100 (minimal knock) and heptane is 0...
jogiraju 4 months ago
A polar bond is covalent bond in which the electrons are transfer unequally between two molecules.
PERUMAL 3 months ago
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