I want some one help me by answering the question in this lab sheet report question, plz asap coz the due date tomorrow.




thank u so much

2 years ago


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Is this related to IIT,

Its not clearly visible


2 years ago

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What are the metal ion are present in carnalite?(EAMCET 2006 ENGINEERING) 1) Mg 2+ , K + 2) Al 3+ , Na + 3) Na + , Mg 2+ 4) Zn 2+ , Mg 2+
The Metal ion present in Carnalite is : ( 1 ) Mg +2 , K + Thanks & Regards Akshay Meena, askIITians Faculty M.Tech,IIT Kharagpur
Akshay Meena 7 months ago
Its formula is KMgCl3 so the metal ions or cations present in it are Mg^2+ and K^+
Srijan Sinha 7 months ago
what is the formal charge on N ,B . in B6N3H6.? not B3N3H6
-1 and+1
safoora 7 months ago
0 and 0
safoora 7 months ago
which answer is correct please tell me
safoora 7 months ago
how can we make a plastic which is less harmful to environment
plastics can be made less harmful through:- (1) by using less harmful recycled plastics :- Choosing products made with recycled plastic helps curb landfill waste and encourages further...
Sunil Kumar FP 7 days ago
hyperconjugation occurs in: please expain the answer
thanks for the reply,but the answer is C.
Hyperconjugation makes the carbocations more stabilized than when hyperconjugation occurs with radicals (not so stable). This is explained due to the fact that in carbocations, both...
Indranil Roy 6 days ago
Why +ve sign is present in hydronium ion?
hydronium ion is formed as H 2 O + H + ------------> H 3 O + since H 2 O has no charge so +ve sign comes from H + ions.
Ashwin 3 days ago
incorrect name of an alkyne a) propyne b) but-2-yne c) pent-3-yne d) but-1-yne
Among the followings the incorrect name of an alkyne is pent-3-yne ,as according to IUPAC nomenclature the functional group must get lower number.When we count the C-chain,the functional...
Aarti Gupta 23 days ago
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