I want some one help me by answering the question in this lab sheet report question, plz asap coz the due date tomorrow.




thank u so much

2 years ago


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Is this related to IIT,

Its not clearly visible


2 years ago

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anhydrous aluminium trichloride is covalent in nature. however in aqueous solution it ionizes to give al3+ (aq) and cl- (aq). explain with the help of born haber cycle
The born-Haber cycle tells about all the individual energy changes. The given compound is covalent burt when it is released in water due to very high hydration enthalpy, it overcomes the...
Naveen Kumar 25 days ago
Which book should I use for organic, inorganic and physical chemistry ??
Refference books are as follows- 1.Organic chemistry – Morrison and Boyd or O.P.Tandon 2.Inorganic chemistry – NCERT books for XI and XII ,J.D Lee(concise inorganic chemistry)...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
Can I prepare complete Inorganic chemistry in 4 moths as I have not studied it at all.Can it be prepared in time that is left now.
Dear student yes you can definitely complete your inorganic chemistry in the period of 4 months,as it would be enough time for you.Don’t take stress while thinking that you...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
Dear student NCERT book is very good but for the detail description of topics you should use other helping books also.As in such book you get the descriptions which you might need while...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
Yeah, you can prepare Inorganic Chemistry in 4 months but just make sure you also keep in touch with other subjects .You can give majority of time to Inorganic but ewach subject is...
Aziz Alam 2 months ago
In Back Titration. In second Titration (When we mix impure substance with A) , do we take the same amount of volume of A as we take in the first titration?
in second titration if A is titrated with B then B should be standarised then it should be titrated with A .B should be standarised with C. EX-we have to calculate molarity of HCl acid by...
Sunil Kumar FP 5 months ago
But one of the conditions of back Titrations are B should not react with impure substance (c)
RON 4 months ago
how to prepare for organic tests effectively!!?? pls suggest a method
Organic compounds unlike the inorganic ones cannot be identifeid by testing the ions as they do not give ions in the solution because of having colvalent linkages in them.Organic compounds...
Aarti Gupta 4 months ago
​1. If the following gases are in monoatomic form then which one has greater entropy? i.H ii. O iii. N iv. Cl
At a fixed temperature the kinetic energy per mole can be given as: E=(f/2)*RT where f=degree of freedom and for translation movement, f=3, similarly some energy is associated with rotation...
Naveen Kumar one month ago
But the answer is Cl..How?
Bhubesh one month ago
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