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IUPAC nomenclature of complex compound

Ni[ C2S2O2]2  ( bonds are C=S, C-O )

Pt[ C2S2O2]2   ( bonds are C=O, C-S )

3 years ago


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why the order of thermal stability is as follows ZnO>CdO>HgO ?? please explain all the properties and cause for this order.
Zinc,Cadmium and mercury all three are group 12 elements which belong to the d-block of the periodic table.All these three elements formed oxides either by direct combination with oxygen and...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
i dont no
Amritha Ammu one month ago
In sp2 hybridisation how to understand the geometry whether which is trigonal planar and which is bent shaped??
You will get your answer when you draw the structure......if there is sp 2 hybridisation there are two possibilities of structures have to write the electronic...
utkarsh singh 9 months ago
see the number of lone pair
vedant chavan 9 months ago
Which one of the following is a covalent hydride? A.) BeH2 B.) AsH3
its BeH2 because of brillyium’s anamolus properties
akshat 5 days ago
BeH2 is covalent hydride as it form as dimer
Aditya Sharma 6 days ago
Aditya Sharma 4 days ago
in the energy diagram of a reaction why is potential energy plotted against the progress of reaction???
The energy diagram gives the idea about how the potential energy of the reactants and products vary with the progress of the reaction. It makes us understand whether the reaction is...
Ramreddy 8 months ago
In the energy diagram of a reaction the potential enegy is plotted on y aix and reaction coordiante is plotted on x- axis to determine whether the potential enrgy of reactants is higher or...
Ramreddy 8 months ago
What do you get on reacting 1,3-butadiene with H 2 /Pd? Is it But-2-ene or but-1-ene?
in my opinion answer may be but 1 ene but if BaSO 4 is also present in the reagent than answer will be but2ene bcoz it will act as poison atalyst that effect the rate of reaction approve if...
ng29 12 days ago
but-2ene will be formed.
Shubham Singh 12 days ago
estimate the amount of magnesium that will be dissolved by a current of 01 ampere flowing for one hour
use the formula m=eit m=0.1x60x60e...............e=2/96500 m=7.46x10 -4
Svbsmanyam 23 days ago
sorry 4 previous ans. i forgot to convert t in sec
Svbsmanyam 23 days ago
1.24x10 -6
Svbsmanyam 23 days ago
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